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Over 100 Monthly Goals To Help You Get Back On The Right Track Plus A Free Template Download

Setting monthly goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable and keep personal motivation levels high all year long. By breaking down aspirations into bite-sized and obtainable tasks, you will accomplish more in less time while having an overall sense of joy. Here’s what you need to get started including a monthly goals template download.

Monthly Goals

Over 100 Monthly Goals To Help You Get Back On The Right Track

We all fall into a rut when it comes to live. Our daily routine turns into a year of automation. Where exactly does the time go? We wanted to save money. We wanted to clean out the garage. We wanted to start walking more in the morning. Did any of it actually happen?

Some people are self-motivated enough to not have to set goals in a formal way. They just wake up and know what they have to do. Others, like me, need to make lists of priorities to get back on the right track.

I need to jot down several monthly goal ideas and literally put them on paper. That way I can SEE what I have to accomplish and CHECK THEM OFF. This step motivates me. I need an actionable item in order to push me. To do lists are my best friend.

choosing the right monthly goal

What are some good monthly goals?

Since we are discussing monthly goals, you should think about a wide variety of aspects in your life to include in your planner or one-sheet. Your focus should hit fitness, health, relationship, and business growth. But it doesn’t stop there.

Have you considered entertainment, personal, social, and educational? What about religious and spiritual? Try to consider every aspect of your being – a rounded out version of yourself – and then break down ten goals a month.

printing a monthly goal template

By breaking down the list into monthly goals, doesn’t it seem more achievable? Would you prefer I gave you a list of 120 monthly goal ideas and asked you to complete them all? The mind just doesn’t work like that. However, ten things to do in June? Ok… I can roll with it.

How do I write down my goals?

There are a few different ways you can write down your monthly goal ideas. You don’t have to get fancy about it either.

How do I write down my goals?

What if you grabbed a piece of paper and jotted down the things you wanted to accomplish this particular month and then taped it the fridge or the front door? Or just folded it and placed it in your wallet? That way, you saw it multiple times a day.

Want something a bit more official? Buy a planner or a simple notebook and collect your monthly goals all in one place.

Document your progress. You could even journal through your thoughts about what worked and what didn’t work. Small wins! However you want to handle this! That’s up to you.

Monthly Goal Ideas

monthly goal ideas

Here are 120 monthly goals for you to consider. I broke them down into groups of ten. You don’t have to do them in this exact order, but I figured it would be easier to consume in this format.

If you love to read, then consider upping that goal to several books a month. Challenge yourself. You could also continue the goals and not end them. For example, one of the January goals was to journal for the entire month. If you enjoyed that, don’t stop in February! Keep on journaling!

I kicked off the year with selling a few things on eBay. How great would it be if you continued to sell 10 things a month on eBay? You would have a nice little side hustle by the end of the year and a clutter free house! My point is – just because you got to the last day of the month doesn’t mean that goal has to end if you enjoy it.

January Monthly Goals

  1. Have a dry month – no drinking alcohol for 31 days
  2. Consider cutting down screen time and social media by 50%
  3. Read a book
  4. Go to sleep with an empty sink every single night
  5. Journal for the entire month
  6. Do something that makes me happy every single day
  7. Talk to a friend every single day
  8. Define my word of the year
  9. Sell 10 things on eBay
  10. Get 8 hours of sleep daily

February Monthly Goals

  1. Have a no spend month
  2. Save $500 in my savings account
  3. Cut out negative speak
  4. Donate a bag of goods to the needy weekly
  5. Negotiate a bill
  6. Research what I need to do in order to get a raise
  7. Practice self care on a weekly basis
  8. Find a podcast to listen to
  9. Do a 30 day challenge
  10. Create a movie list of films I want to see
march monthly goals

March Monthly Goals

  1. Daily walks
  2. Create a workspace at home that is pleasant and clutter free
  3. Clean out closets and drawers
  4. Try a new recipe
  5. Wake up an hour earlier every day
  6. Block out days of rest on my calendar
  7. Sign up for workout class of choice
  8. Cut one bad habit out of my life
  9. Make weekend plans with friends – every weekend
  10. Wake up every morning saying a positive mantra

April Monthly Goals

  1. Forgive someone I’ve been holding onto
  2. Create a morning routine and stick to it
  3. Donate any shoes that I no longer wear
  4. Donate to a food drive / local church
  5. Stretch every morning when I wake up
  6. Don’t order out food for the entire month
  7. Learn how to meal plan
  8. Set up an IRA
  9. Start meditating for at least 5-10 minutes a day
  10. Go on a photography walk

May Monthly Goals

  1. Create a nightly routine and stick to it
  2. Clean out my purse / wallet
  3. Clean out my pantry
  4. Research side hustles that make sense
  5. Exercise 3x a week
  6. Write a letter to a family member
  7. Purchase something that will improve my productivity
  8. Set up an investment account
  9. Incorporate prayer into my life
  10. Start a gratitude journal. Write down all the things that I am thankful for every day.

June Monthly Goals

(a look at my personal June goals)

  1. Don’t look at any electronics for 30 minutes when I wake up
  2. Don’t look at any electronics after dinner
  3. Start a food journal
  4. Create a budget for the house
  5. Run one mile every single day
  6. Cut out one cup of caffeine every day
  7. Incorporate salad into dinner every night
  8. Set up important doctor appointments that I’ve been avoiding
  9. Start journaling
  10. Read the news – stay up to date with current events

July Monthly Goals

(a look at my personal July Goals)

  1. Shop local
  2. Meet up with my significant other
  3. Drink 8 glasses of water daily
  4. Inventory the books in my house
  5. Inventory the movies/cds/games in my house
  6. Save 10% of my paycheck this month
  7. Say yes to every question asked (that is safe)
  8. Go for a hike
  9. Prep for my week’s meals on Sunday
  10. Do something that brings me joy
august monthly goals

August Monthly Goals

  1. Try to head to the water once a week
  2. Get together with friends once a week
  3. Stay off of streaming services and use that time for more productive choices
  4. Go to church
  5. No soda all month
  6. No fast food all month
  7. Start doing crossword puzzles or sudoku at night
  8. Sit on the porch after dinner
  9. Host a game night for friends
  10. Try a new Pinterest recipe

September Monthly Goals

  1. Back up my pictures from my computer
  2. Go through all your apps and make sure they aren’t autopaying for things I don’t want
  3. Make my bed every morning
  4. Fill a gratitude jar with my family
  5. Do 5 exercise videos from YouTube – my choice
  6. Visit the library and pick a new book to read
  7. Spend a few days at the local coffee shop – change of scenery
  8. Morning walks before the day kicks in
  9. Create a playlist of my favorite songs
  10. Clean out the garage

October Monthly Goals

  1. Have more fun
  2. Try to pay down one credit card bill
  3. Do a couch to 5K
  4. Join a local group – hobby of my choice
  5. Practice deep breathing exercises
  6. Declutter one room every single day until my house is finished
  7. Work on cleaning out my garage
  8. Get in the habit of creating a “to do” list before you go to bed
  9. Take more photos of my life
  10. Remove one negative person from my life

November Monthly Goals

  1. Start planning for the holidays
  2. Decorate the house as I see fit
  3. Cut out bread for two weeks
  4. Identify my top streams of income
  5. Create a 5 year plan
  6. Set up date night for every other Saturday
  7. Stay on top of my laundry
  8. Clean out the basement – donate any excess
  9. Start every morning with a tall glass of water
  10. Don’t hit snooze on my alarm

December Monthly Goals

  1. Enjoy nature for all that its worth
  2. Appreciate my family and spend a good amount of time with them
  3. Embrace downtime when I receive it
  4. Learn to be more flexible
  5. Speak kindly to myself
  6. Send flowers to someone I love
  7. Spend money on myself
  8. Push myself to do something I’ve always wanted to do
  9. Writing my goals and next year’s resolutions
  10. Forgive myself
monthly goals template

Download Your Monthly Goals Template Here

Click here to download my monthly goals template to help you stay on track of everything you want to accomplish this month. The download includes a standard printable that you can use for every month and one for January through December.

You can always reference your previous monthly goals templates to see what you were able to achieve and what still needs more work. To see my June goals, be sure to read my post. I’m doing everything I can to get back on the right track.

how to set monthly goals

What kind of goals should I set for myself?

The kind of personal goals you should set for yourself are actionable steps that push you forward and improve your life. Consider this post like a bucket list of aspirations filled with things you’ve wanted to do for a long time. Goals should help you achieve something you’ve been wanting to do.

They should better you as a person. Did this list of goals work for your first month at least? I hope you give 10 of these monthly goals a try. Achieving your goals will give you such a rewarding feeling! I can’t wait to see what the next year brings you.

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