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Money Saving Tips: How We Save $3000 A Year

Let’s talk about some money saving tips. My husband has been on a ROOOLLLLLLLLL this month when it comes to saving money. We have basically looked at almost every outgoing payment and slashed it in half.

Money Saving Tips: How We Save $3000 A Year

It’s crazy! I am so proud of all that he is doing because in the end… the money we are saving has just been getting wasted all these years. POINTLESS BILLS!

We made some major moves over the last few weeks and my husband breaks them down in the video. He gets a little campy… so you have to forgive me for that.

You put a camera on him and all bets are off. But it will be well worth it because these money saving tips WORK. 

Money Saving Tips: How We Save $3000 A Year

In case you don’t want to go through our entire YouTube video, I wanted to give you a few pointers from our chat.

Highlights From Our Money Saving Tips Video

We downgraded our cable. We switched our cell phone service provider. This saved us hundreds of dollars a month because the bundle they offered us enabled us to get rid of a few other things we were paying for on autopilot.

We switched banks and found a smaller chain that didn’t nickel and dime our every move.  These are just SOME of the very easy and very SMALL adjustments we made. There are SO MANY MORE! Trust me people, you don’t want to miss this chat.

If you are looking for more money saving tips, I crowdsourced my Facebook friends and they gave me a TON of amazing ideas!

I wrote an entire blog post filled with their suggestions. Again, these money saving tips are all things you can start doing today. Check out their suggestions today.

If you are an app person, I have two for you to check out!! I have both on my phone and they really do what they claim!

Earny keeps checking for sales after you’ve already made your purchases and Dosh offers automatic cash back!

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