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Why You Need To Get A Library Card

I’m 41 and I just got a library card. Yes, I had one when I was a little kid. Yes, I used to take out books when I was in elementary school. I’m used to the concept. After all, I didn’t grow up under a rock! But here comes the full-blown confession. I am a book buying addict and after watching Marie Kondo rock my world and shred it to pieces, I realized a few things about myself. I don’t need to buy every book I read. 

Don’t get me wrong. I love to support authors and plan to continue to spend money on the right stories where I see fit. But on books that I know that I can consume in a few hours – the ones that are for light reading, the ones I don’t have any personal connections to – it’s all about the library for me from now on. Not only will it save me space and storage at home, but it will save me so much money, too. And that’s why you need to get a library card! 

Getting a library card

Why You Need To Get A Library Card

I know what you are thinking – your kids have library cards and if you really wanted a book, you could always just grab a book the next time you all head to the library. No, girl, No. Can’t you just do something for yourself? By yourself?

I love being a mom … but can’t we just have some things for ourselves? It doesn’t have to be OUR card. It can be YOUR card. You can have your own library card with your own trashy little record highlighting all the Highlander romances that your heart desires. Go for it!

Go Digital With Your Library Card

Welcome to the 21st century. I learned something new today. Yes, I’m a little behind. If you aren’t a library kind of girl, you will be happy to hear that you can rent digital library books with your library cards. You don’t always have to physically go into the actual building. Once you get set up with an account, you can then request any book you’d like through an online system.

WARNING: There might be a bit of a delay because the online system puts you in play with a number of different libraries, not just your own. But as long as you place yourself in the queue, you will be good to go! The book you want will be in your hands in no time. 

Get Books Sent To Your Library if They Don’t Have The One You Want

So, on my first day of adult life with my new library card, I went right up to the counter and asked for my first book. Guess what happened? They didn’t have it. Life comes at you hard when you are driving in the free lane, folks. Well, don’t get discouraged because I still plan on convincing you why you need a library card.

As soon as the librarian realized that my particular book was not in stock, he literally clicked a few buttons on his computer, synched up with five neighboring branches, and ordered a copy to be shipped to our town in a matter of days. 

Now, if I was super impatient… maybe that wouldn’t cut it. Maybe I would need the book sooner. Maybe I would have to run out to my closest Barnes and Nobles and just cough up the dough. But it isn’t that serious this week for me!

So, I thanked him and asked him what to expect. When you order books for delivery, the library either texts or emails the library card owner when the book comes in and then you have a few days to come in and pick up your title while it is kept on reserve.  I love it!

Why You Need A Library Card As an Adult

Why Get A Libary Card In Your 40s?

There are a few reasons why I decided to take this step in 2019. I mentioned earlier that Marie Kondo sort of rocked my world. She made me reassess what I need versus what I want in my house. And honestly, I was wasting too much space in my house towards books that I would never read again.

I have three children. We were all buying books! So, books times 4! My husband doesn’t read. I’m not going to lie to you. So, he doesn’t count. 

When we did a huge purge in our basement – and we still need to do a second and a third wave – I realized how much space I freed up by getting rid of old books. We donated them all to a local charity and it felt so good! Why on EARTH would I want to reintroduce the same clutter back into my life? That just makes no sense! 

A second reason? My husband and I are trying to save money. We are really making a conscious decision to buckle down. I love my husband and I know that we both need small steps during the beginning stages of this budgeting phase. 

So, let’s discuss! Do you have a library card?! Planning on getting one? Has this post given you enough proof for why you need a library card as an adult? Would love to hear! 

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Why You Need A Library Card As an Adult


Tuesday 7th of May 2019

We have a lovely new library. I'm inspired!

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