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New Vitamin Helps With Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain is something I worry about on a regular basis. All three of my children live on their phones, iPads, and are obsessed with Fortnite and YouTube. When we aren’t doing that, we are snuggling on the couch enjoying family movie night.

Even when we read books, it’s typically on a tablet. You get the picture: we are a digital family. I’ve started wondering though what all that screen time is doing to our eyes. Are my kids really being affected?

Digital Eye Strain due to ipad usage

What is Digital Eye Strain?

I researched what I could do about all that screen time and found some interesting and eye-opening findings. (Couldn’t resist the pun.) According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, “there is no doubt that most computer users experience digital eye strain”.

They have found that digital eye strain can affect children as well as adults. They may experience headaches, blurry vision, eye strain, fatigue, and dry eyes. Typically, the symptoms are temporary but if nothing is done, they can be persistent as well as frequent. Bottom line: it can be a gigantic problem.

Antioxidants that can help: Zeaxanthin and Lutein

One of the things that can help protect our eyes is the antioxidant, Zeaxanthin. It is this kind of amazing thing that works to protect our vision from the harmful effects of blue light from the inside out. However, it fades as we expose ourselves to digital devices for long periods of time as we age. So, the more we use devices, the more we need to replenish our stores of zeaxanthin to continue protecting our vision. Lutein is another important antioxidant that also helps reduce the effects of digital eye strain.

Helping kids with their eye sight

With these antioxidants, we can sharpen central vision, reduce the effects of digital glare, and maintain healthy eyes. The problem is that we can’t produce these things ourselves. They have to come from the food we eat (good luck getting teens to eat cooked kale) or dietary supplements. I found a fantastic option.

Awesome Find: EyePromise® Screen Shield Teen

Look. My kids’ are not going to change their screen time. They are, in fact, becoming more tech-savvy each day. And, they aren’t going to stuff their mouths with cooked leafy vegetables on a regular basis either. I don’t want their eyes to suffer because of digital eye strain due to screen time or their teen-centric diets. I know their eyes need protection. And I found a solution: EyePromise Screen Shield Teen.


With this once-a-day fruity chewable vitamin, I can help support my children’s eyesight! Each tablet contains 5 mg of zeaxanthin as well as 2.5 mg of lutein, which helps to increase the protective barrier in their eyes, no matter if they reduce screen time or not!

EyePromise Screen Shield Teen helps protect children’s eyes from that strained or tired feeling after they have been on their devices for a while.

This chewable eye vitamin is:

  • Non-synthetic
  • Can be taken alongside a multivitamin
  • Doctor recommended
  • Contains zeaxanthin, lutein, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin E
teaching eye health to teens

Why Eye Health is Important

Did you know that 80% of the information you take in from the world around you is through your eyes? Yet, we don’t spend nearly enough time taking care of and protecting them.

Don’t overlook your eyes! They are amazing organs that can be injured or stressed and lose their potential if they are not taken care of. Healthy eyes are integral in growing, learning and developing and I want to make sure my kids are protected!

Our wonderful, amazing eyes can capture and interpret more than one-million pulse signals per millisecond AND then transmit that information to the brain. Our eyes are truly miraculous organs.

Leading a healthy lifestyle of exercise and proper nutrition can help keep your eyes functioning properly, but that can be difficult. Most people don’t start thinking about eye health until they experience some change in their eyesight.

It’s important to do what you can to help your kids keep their eyes healthy when they are young, so that they are prepared for whatever happens in the future. Don’t wait until you see dramatic consequences from screen time. Look for early warning signs, in your kids and yourself, and act early! Digital eye strain does not have to be an issue. 

siblings on social mediai

3 Early Warning Signs of Eye Health Problems

Fluctuating Vision

Fluctuating vision means you might not see clearly frequently, but not all the time. This could be a sign of high blood pressure or diabetes too so it’s important to get it checked out. If left untreated, this chronic condition can cause permanent vision loss.

Seeing Spots

Typically, occasionally seeing spots and floaters in your vision is usually harmless. However, if you suddenly see more floaters than normal accompanied by bright, flashing lights, that could be a serious problem. This could be a warning sign of a tear of the retina. To prevent loss of vision, it needs to be treated immediately

Seeing Distorted Images

If there is a blind spot, or an empty area, in your vision or if straight lines look wavy, these may signs of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The disease creates a blind spot in the middle of your vision. Regular eye examinations can diagnosis this early and treat it to preserve good vision.

teen on ipad

Digital Eye Strain Bottom Line 

Taking care of our kids’ eyes is crazy important. They aren’t going to stop using their devices, so we need to help them another way. EyePromise can help. I like that they place the highest priority on product quality and that they are pharmaceutical-grade, containing the top-notch ingredients.

There’s so much I can’t do to protect my kids as they get older, but protecting them from digital eye strain is one thing, one small chewable thing, I can still do. And you can too!

Vitamins for Digital Eye Strain

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