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I Love My Husband

I love my husband. I really do. The longer we stay together the more I recognize that I snagged myself a good man. Don’t get me wrong. I am THE CATCH OF THE SEA. That boy hit the jackpot when he married me, but so did I. I needed a partner like him and God gave him to me. That is the truth.

When I am overworked, not feeling my best because of either migraines or Hashimoto’s disease, he steps up. No questions. Last weekend, I was so TIRED on Saturday. My body was WIPED and I just needed a nap. So, I went and took one. On Friday, I mentioned this to a few of my friends and they said that their husbands would never let them get away with more than a 20-minute nap IF THAT. They don’t even try – even if their bodies are begging for it. Self-care is NOT a word in their vocabulary even though they hashtag it all over the Internet.

That thought sat with me.

Imagine – not being able to nap when you feel absolutely drained.

When your head is pounding so hard that you can’t stand.

When you just need some medication to kick in.

Not feeling like you can step away for an hour or two in your time of need because your husband won’t handle the kids/the house because “that’s just not his way”… is sad.

It’s not selfish to love yourself. It’s not selfish to recognize that you are hurting and you need to reset. It’s not selfish to lean on your partner in your time of need. That’s called a healthy relationship. I love my husband because he doesn’t even QUESTION what I am doing because he recognizes my HURT.

She needs this. And I love my wife. 

I Love My Husband

I Love My Husband

I love my husband for so many reasons. I married him because he makes me laugh – every single day. I mean, the BURST OUT LAUGH where you start slapping a table and gasping for air. That’s us. Two fools. We really do have a happy marriage. I love my husband because when we are walking he grabs my behind and squeezes really hard because he still wants me – even after all these years. We aren’t PDA fools. But every now and then, he reminds me that I am still IT for him in his eyes.

I love my husband because he is forever the explorer. Constantly wanting to head out to the North Fork or to Manhattan for a new restaurant opening. Yesterday, we drove 20 minutes to go to a place that makes amazing olive bread. WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THAT PLACE? My husband – because that’s what he does. He loves to find new eateries to explore and he takes all of us with him.

I love my husband because he has such a strong relationship with his parents and I know that it will mold our relationship with our children. I am not afraid about being left alone when they get older. I know we will always be a part of their lives because we are setting it up that way.

I love my husband because he lets me watch all the horror movies that I want – without question – even though he much rather watch a comedy.

I love my husband because we bring out the best in each other. We still fight – omg, please. I am half Italian and from Queens. WUT? Super dramatic and like a field mine. But as anyone from NYC knows, we fight hard and we love hard. And I love my husband with every fiber of my being.

I love my husband because he is a great father. He is there for his children and I know that he ALWAYS will be there for his children. He is a better father above all else. That is his number one priority and I am ok with saying that because that is a beautiful trait. My children will always be loved – even if something should happen to me. They will have a lifetime of healthy, warm, and whole love.

And even though he drives me CRAZY over a million things (I should write a post about why my husband drives me insane), I do recognize that the WORST of Bill is the BEST of other men. I am no fool. I have seen enough in my life to know this. I have been hurt enough in my life to know this.

I have a good man and I am not ever going to let go.

I think I tried to divorce him about 47 times during the first two years of marriage. I was like a wild tiger trying to be tamed. I couldn’t understand the parameters of a proper relationship. The give and the take. The selfishness of it all. I hated to cave. I was so independent. I felt so alone for so long and then I had someone with me ALWAYS and it was suffocating to always have to have balance and agreement. I just wanted to do what I wanted to do because I was A CHILD. But every single time I tried to break free, he would not let me leave. He would talk me down off the cliff. He would tell me that it would get easier and to just have patience with it all.

I think about those few years quite often. How cruel I was to him. I wanted a baby and he didn’t and that was enough for me to leave. I wanted that baby on my honeymoon and he recognized that it was just too soon for all of that. I was 24 when I married. He wanted a few years of me as a wife and not as a mom. And I hated him for it. I really did. All I wanted was a child.

Looking back, I mourn the first few years of my marriage because he was so right. I should have embraced all of those lazy Sundays and diner brunches when it was just us. But I was fixated on the next chapter of my life instead of my present.

I love my husband because he cared enough to hold me – to see through my frustration. Because now, we have it all. And I do mean that.

I don’t mean the fancy cars and the huge house. I mean that we have each other. And I finally see him for who he has been all along. A good man.

I love my husband and I know he loves me. And it’s all that ever mattered.

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