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Summer Bucket List For Teens Printable – Over 100 Things To Do This Year

Grab your friends and start checking off this summer bucket list for teens printable. Spending time while making great memories is exactly what being young is all about!

Summer Bucket List For Teens

With this teen bucket list, you’ll bond with your besties, seize every moment of the day, and make the most out of the best years of your life.

What can a teenager do in the summer?

Believe it or not, there are so many different things for a teen to do during the summer. In fact, the options are almost endless! It’s not just about Netflix and TikTok. I promise you!

There is more to life than wifi. No, really. I have a feeling you know this considering you’re about to print this page.

Teenagers can really get creative during the summer months because they have so much free time on their hands. Whether they want to host a few friends in their backyard or head to town for an adventure one thing is clear – the world is their oyster! And this teen bucket list will prove that!

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What should I put on my summer bucket list?

If you are wondering what you should put on your teen bucket list, I’ve come up with over 100 suggestions. I have two teens at home who always complain about being bored. So, to be really honest with you, I wrote this list for them.

Since I had it created, I thought it would be fun to pop it up online in case you were looking for ideas to do with your friends.

I love my bff and am always looking for fun things to do with my best friend. I mean… truth be told… I could actually use this list myself! LOL!

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Summer Bucket List For Teens – Over 100 Things To Do This Year

  1. Head to an outdoor concert
  2. Trip to your local city
  3. Beach day
  4. Hula hoop concert
  5. Bake a cake
  6. Have a garage sale with all of your friends
  7. Book club
  8. Backyard BBQ
  9. Music festival
  10. Water fight
  11. Head to the mall
  12. Spa slumber party
  13. Make snowcones
  14. Go bowling
  15. Nail salon
  16. Hair salon
  17. Backyard camping
  18. Go thrifting
  19. All-day movie marathon
  20. Learn how to tie-dye a shirt
  21. Go out to eat
  22. Redo your bedroom
  23. Make a vision board
  24. Get a planner
  25. Color your hair pink
  26. Roller skating
  27. Painting Class
  28. Cooking Class
  29. Go Biking
  30. Paint cute summer nail designs
  31. Go Hiking
  32. Enter a 5K
  33. Visit an arcade
  34. Learn a new dance
  35. Try new summer hairstyles – get out of your comfort zone
  36. Go to an amusement park
  37. Go to a parade
  38. Karaoke
  39. Try something absolutely new
  40. Have boba tea
  41. Learn to play a song
  42. Have a pillow fight
  43. Stargaze
  44. Learn how to make sun tea
  45. See some fireworks
  46. Go to a candy store
  47. Volunteer – do good
  48. Go to an ice cream shop
  49. Scrapbook together
  50. Get fake tattoos
  51. Go surfing
  52. Have a picnic at the park
  53. Wear each other’s clothes
  54. Dress each other in whatever you want
  55. Lake day
  56. Go on a photography walk
  57. Submit a photo into a photography contest
  58. Play truth or dare
  59. Find a flash mob
  60. Write a song
  61. Co-ed Dodge ball game
  62. Double date
  63. Climb a tree
  64. Make a smoothie
  65. Start a YouTube channel together
  66. Watch the sunset together
  67. Have a full day of RAKs
  68. Have a full day of cookie baking, deliver to all friends
  69. Build something – like a birdhouse
  70. Take a virtual fitness class with friends
  71. Watch the sunrise together
  72. Take a road trip
  73. Roast marshmallows
  74. Visit a museum
  75. Eat an acai bowl
  76. Host a game night
  77. Learn a new TikTok dance (you didn’t think I was going to include this in my summer bucket list for teens did you?)
  78. Create a new TikTok dance – I’m on TikTok. Did you know that?
  79. Host a car wash
  80. Make s’ mores
  81. Play beach volleyball
  82. Have a party
  83. Get in a hot tub
  84. Dance in the rain
  85. Host a backyard luau
  86. Bake cupcakes – how about black forest cupcakes?
  87. Visit a farmer’s market
  88. Break a world record together
  89. Go to a local fair
  90. Pull an all-nighter
  91. Make a homemade pizza together
  92. Slip and slide!
  93. Pick up a new hobby
  94. Face masks
  95. Visit a historical site
  96. Make homemade ice cream
  97. Night swimming
  98. Go berry picking
  99. Make flower crowns
  100. Start bullet journaling
  101. Start a savings account
  102. Binge a series together
  103. Drive-in movie
  104. Have a photoshoot
  105. Do something that scares you!
  106. Write a letter to 3 important people
  107. Visit a flower field
  108. Make a wish together
  109. Find a rainbow
  110. Order food from a food truck
  111. Make friendship bracelets
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Download Your Bucket List Printable

Are you ready to get your free copy of this bucket list printable? I love that a group of friends can print several copies and then check out their accomplishments as they go along!!

Click here to download this bucket list printable and enjoy!

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Next Steps For This Summer Bucket List For Teens

Now that you’ve read through this list, your only job is to think about what you want to do first from this summer bucket list for teens! What will you do FIRST?

Take it slow. Remember that you don’t have to do everything with friends. You can do things aloe or with your family. It would be really nice to do a few things with your family.

In fact, please make sure you check off at least half of these things from this summer bucket list for teens with your mom. She will love it so very much if you did. She misses you. Ask me how I know.

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