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50 Super Fun Things To Do With Your Best Friend

Looking for things to do with your best friend? Whether you are up for a full-blown adventure or seeking out a bonding experience that is more on the low-key side, this list of ideas will have you and your BFF covered.

things to do with your best friend

What To Do With Your Best Friend

This year, I am searching kindness and laughter and joy. In order to receive those things, I need to give those things back and what better way to do that than to spend some time with my best friend. If you are looking for ideas about what to do with your best friend, I have you covered. 

My best friend, Audrey McClelland, is such a great sport! But you know what? We are two very different peas in our pod. I mean that 100 percent. Ying and yang. 

So, I think this year, I want to push our limits and try to get the two of us to try different things. Here is a list of ideas that I would like to hit in our personal relationship. Perhaps it will inspire you to do the same with your favorite pal. There are so many reasons why I love my best friend and this list will help celebrate them all! 

50 Things To Do With Your Best Friend This Year

50 Things To Do With Your Best Friend This Year

Why is it important for you to spend time with your girlfriends? Well, for me personally, I need it for sanity purposes. I need it because time with my friends acts as a reset for my mental state. Women helping women – that’s a real thing.

Friendships are truly good for the soul and if I isolate myself too much because I am too busy with work, then I end up feeling like I am missing a piece of myself and a bit empty. If we are all a full pie, friendships deserve an entire slice. Don’t you agree?

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best friends list

Try not to neglect this part of your life. Your girlfriends are like a lifeline. Being with them – even if it’s once a month – will make a real difference. Set up quarterly meetups. Or if that is too hard, then what about an annual trip?

Don’t make these girlfriend get-togethers stressful! But make them happen!! 

What To Do With Your Best Friend

Ok, here is my list of 50 Things To Do With Your BFF

(1) Join a book club. When you join a book club with your best friend, you are guaranteed a chance to stay in touch for the entire month, plus a meet up at the end with your shared girlfriends. I’d call that a win. 

(2) Take a weekend getaway together. This is such a glorious way to spend time with your number one pal. Think about it. No bills. No responsibilities. No kids. No husbands. No work. Sign me up! 

(3) Grab afternoon tea. I love to grab tea (or coffee) with my bestie because sometimes I just need a little pick me up – an hour of her time. Just a quick little chat and then I am set straight again. 

(4) Have a sleepover party and wear matching pajamas. Who says kids get to have all the fun? Matching pajamas are totally on the list of things to do with your best friend. For sure! And don’t just pick one pair! Get a few. You know Instagram loves that sort of thing. 

What do you do with your best friend?

(5) Write an eBook. Oh the stories you two have to tell! Oh the lessons you’ve learned! The secrets you’ve shared. The travel tips you’ve picked up along the way. What do you and your BFF know together that you can share? Why not try to write an eBook?

(6) Stalk people on social media together. When figuring out what to do with your best friend, you don’t always have to spend money. Sometimes, all you need is a strong wifi signal and a mission. 

(7) Do each other’s nails/hair. Forget the salon and grab your at-home tools! You know what works best on your gal pal. Save the money for wine. 

(8) Spend an entire day watching your favorite movies – switching off titles. So, this can get pretty funny actually. My best friend likes the Kardashians and I like zombies. So, if we were to switch off movie titles, it would get crazy. But try to meet somewhere in the middle and have some fun. That’s the best part about this “things to do with your best friend” list! It’s a give and take.

More Things To Do With Your Best Friend

(9) Pick a random city and play tourist. If you are looking for a travel-related idea, how about hitting the road? Pick a random spot and just go! 

(10) Take a cooking class together. Oh this would be on the top of my list for what to do with my best friend. We get to eat AFTER having a blast cooking? Count me in! 

(11) See a Broadway show. Broadway is my slow jam. I’ve seen dozens of shows with my family and would love to watch one with my BFF. 

(12) Face a fear together. This one gives me the creeps, but I do think it might be super fun to look back on once you are done. You know, the memories of the two of you screaming your hearts out! Please add this to your things to do with your best friend list!!!! 

(13) Volunteer together. If you are in need of ideas of what to do with your best friend – this one is it. Helping people is always a good idea. 

(14) Take an acting class. I’ve done this and it’s super fun! Let down your wall and give it your all. 

(15) Spa weekend! You don’t even need to tell me more than this – just sign me and my BFF up for fun. 

Laughing with spouses makes for a great girls' night out

(16) Gather all the kids and head to a local hotel. Let them use the pool and just relax in the sun. We talk about doing this one together all the time! 

(17) Grab our husbands and have a date night. This is such a great idea for your heart and soul. Truly! We all could use some laughs these days. A night out on the town is just what the doctor ordered. One of my favorite things to do with my best friend for sure! 

(18) Go to a concert. Pick a concert – any concert! Search on Groupon and find something the two of you can agree on and then make it happen. One of my favorite things to do with my best friend.

(19) Make a photo album of all your favorite moments. Oh, this is the BEST! While you are running through my things to do with your best friend list, document everything and create a photo album. YES!! 

(20) Get matching tattoos. I did this. No, really. When I was 18. I guess you can say that I practice what I preach. 

(21) Ok, that might be a bit too much. How about — get matching jewelry? Maybe not everyone is ready for permanent ink. But you could seriously get matching bracelets or rings, right? Is that more up your alley?

a girlfriend's getaway to New Orleans

(22) Do something that scares you. This could mean one of two things – literally visit a haunted mansion or go sky diving. It’s you call. 

(23) Set a big goal and then go after it.  What is something the two of you would like to do together? Can you agree upon one big go and go after it? That would be such an incredible thing to do with your best friend! 

(24) Find out when the free days are for your local museums – visit them! What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon – taking in art and culture (for free). 

(25) Learn how to knit and make a blanket together. This is something I want to do with my daughter as well as my bestie! Learn how to create. 

red carpet premiere of a wrinkle in time

(26) Volunteer together. (PERSONAL NOTE – I think this is one of the most important things to do together.) 

What do you do when your bored with your best friend?

  • Spend an afternoon at a coffee shop and just people watch. (This is one of my favorite things to do) 
  • Don’t have the energy for all of that? How about just going to a yard sale and seeing what other people are selling?
  • Go to a bookstore. 
  • Find a karaoke night and sing your heart out! (Hopefully, you guys are terrible singers because that will make the night epic) 
  • Hit the bowling alley

What can you do with your best friend at home?

  • Start a brunch club. Grab a few girlfriends and make it a thing. 
  • Try a new workout. (Not for me… but maybe it’s for you! LOL) 
  • Start a YouTube channel. 
  • Better yet, how about a podcast, too?!
  • Make a list of all the places you want to visit together and then start with the closest one. Book something! 
  • Have a craft day. 
  • Have a picnic. 
  • Make a friendship bracelet. Remember those?
  • Put on a yard sale and get rid of all the THINGS. 
  • Better yet, open up a joint eBay account and split the profits. 
  • When was the last time you guys played a board game? Whip one out! 
  • Open up Pinterest and make something together. 
  • Dream Big… no bigger. 
  • Write a poem about each other. 
  • Work on building a business from the ground up. 
  • Look back at old photos on Facebook and Instagram – from when you two first met. 
  • Tell each other why you mean so much to one another. 

What are some crazy things to do with friends?

  • Get dressed up and do something special. Black tie special! 
  • Take a road trip without an end destination. (Yahoo – I love this one!) 

That’s it! What did you think of this list?  If you have anything to add, be sure to pop them in the comments below. This post falls in line with my goals for 2019. I truly hope to get through so many items on this list.

I know I probably won’t get through ALL of the 50 things to do with your best friend… but I will certainly try! LOL 

How do you bond with a friend?

While this list is a great jump-off point, it’s important to remember that the number one way to bond with a friend is to do things that the BOTH of you want to do.

I could give you a million things to do with your best friend, but if you are the only person that wants to do it and your pal isn’t into the choice, then it won’t be a great idea. Bonding with your friend is a personal CHOICE. Keep that in mind.



Thursday 3rd of January 2019

#13 and # 26 are the same

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