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50 Best Friend Bucket List Ideas

Grab your bff and start planning your next adventure using this best friend bucket list. Whether you are looking for simple moments or hoping to check off big things to do before you die together, this bff bucket list has you covered.

best friend bucket list

Bonding moments, sharing memories, big wins! You won’t be able to get through them all in a weekend. This truly will take some effort but promises loads of fun.

There are plenty of things to do with your best friend, but are they worthy of your best friend bucket list?

There are so many reasons why I love my best friend and the fact that she is willing to tackle this bff bucket list with me is one of them! Let’s get right to it!

Read through this best friend bucket list and make sure you cross something off today!! Might as well get a head start.

bff bucket list ideas

50 Best Friend Bucket List Ideas:

  1. Take a vacation together
  2. Get matching tattoos
  3. Go on a road trip – a long one!
  4. Spend the whole day shopping
  5. Ride a rollercoaster
  6. Blind makeovers
  7. Have a proper photoshoot together
  8. Mani/pedis
  9. Backpack trip
  10. Matching phone cases
  11. Double date
  12. Learn a new language together
  13. Open an Etsy shop
  14. Have a pajama party
  15. Full day of baking
  16. Volunteer together
  17. Host a party
  18. Underwater photo
  19. Skydive
  20. Start a Youtube channel together
  21. Binge watch a series
  22. Spend hours inside a bookstore
  23. Go to your favorite concert together
  24. Book club
  25. Watch a ballet
  26. Walk down a red carpet
  27. Spa day
  28. Crash a wedding together
  29. Bury a time capsule
  30. Make up a language
  31. Do something that scares both of you
  32. Go to a music festival
  33. Film a fake music video
  34. Cooking lessons
  35. Camping
  36. Matching Henna
  37. Rent an apartment together
  38. Volunteer together
  39. Visit Disney together
  40. Watch the sunrise / sunset
  41. Swim with dolphins
  42. Stargazing
  43. Go for a midnight drive
  44. Make matching t shirts
  45. Adopt a puppy
  46. Flashmob
  47. Go gambling
  48. Ride a tandem bike
  49. Go swimming at night
  50. Start an IG account and document everything we do as we check off this entire list
best friend bucket list ideas

What’s on your bucket list? Would love to hear! Did I miss anything?

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