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Top 100 Places To Visit Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list for travel? What are some of the places that you’ve been dreaming of seeing? Here is a top 100 places to visit bucket list you can use to curate a year you will never forget!

Now is the time to start planning your dream life.

top 100 places to visit

My grandmother is currently in a rehab and surrounded by people in their 80s and 90s. Every visit, I remember how precious life really is. If you have a bucket list, check things off – one at a time.

If you have a TRAVEL BUCKET LIST – get your passport and just G-O. See the world! Today is your day. You will regret NOT taking the trip. There’s no do-over when it comes to living.

Bucket List for travel

Bucket List For Travel

I think it’s important to include totally out of the park ideas that you may or may not ever do on your bucket list AS WELL AS easy tasks that you know you will hit. The idea is to see yourself accomplishing things, but still always having more to do!!

Need some inspiration for your travel bucket list?? No problem!! I have 100 ideas to get you started!!!

Top 100 Places To Visit Bucket List

  1. Go on a balloon ride
  2. See the Northern Lights
  3. Visit the Taj Mahal
  4. Castle hunting in Portugal
  5. Visit the Alamo
  6. Take a cruise – RELATED 
  7. Visit Disney World – or think about a particular Disney property like the Aulani hotel
  8. Set foot on every continent
  9. Trek the Gobi Desert
  10. Swim with dolphins
  11. Visit every state
  12. Drink a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby
  13. Go on a road trip with some friends
  14. Go camping
  15. See the Pyramids of Egypt
  16. Visit a State Park
  17. Take a selfie in front of the Grand Canyon
  18. Travel overseas while flying in First Class
  19. Cliff dive in Malta
  20. Go on a safari
  21. Surf in Australia
  22. Eat crepes in Paris
  23. Visit Anne Frank’s house
  24. Find Joshua’s Tree
  25. Antartica – a must do
  26. Go hiking in Iceland
  27. Watch the sunrise from the beaches of Hawaii
  28. Sleep in a tree house
  29. Head to Aulani – check out the Aulani Luau
  30. Spend the night on a beach
  31. Head down under to Australia – pet a koala bear
  32. Backpack through a country
  33. Head to the Vatican
  34. Railroad through a few countries
  35. Stroll the streets of Old San Juan
  36. Go zip lining in Costa Rica
  37. Drive down Route 66
  38. Dance until the sun comes up in Santorini
  39. Visit NYC
  40. Create a scrapbook of all your travels
  41. Head to Amsterdam and buy some tulips
  42. Eat pasta in Italy
  43. Go to Machu Picchu, Peru
  44. Walk across some of the great bridges of the country – Brooklyn, Golden Gate etc.
  45. Head to England and visit an actual castle
  46. Eat crawfish in New Orleans
  47. See a Red Sox game in Boston
  48. Ride a gondola in Venice
  49. Head to Shanghai and eat dumplings
  50. Drink a Guinness at the Factory in Ireland
  51. White Water Rafting in Austria
  52. Get to the top of the Eifel Tower
  53. Visit the Statue of Liberty
  54. Whale sightseeing in Alaska
  55. Visit the White House
  56. Niagara Falls – from the Canada side
  57. Find Area 51
  58. Visit a volcano
  59. Ride an elephant in Namibia
  60. Get a massage in Thailand
  61. Watch NASCAR live
  62. Cliffs of Moher in Ireland
  63. Visit Casablanca
  64. Head to LA and see the Hollywood sign
  65. Visit Hobbiton in New Zealand
  66. Eat your way through Barcelona
  67. Visit Chicago and eat deep dish pizza
  68. Make a trek to Nepal
  69. Spend time on the Galapagos Islands
  70. Relax in Santa Barbara
  71. Visit Napa and drink all the wine
  72. See the cherry blossoms in Japan
  73. Soak in the sun while on St. Lucia
  74. Head over to Graceland
  75. Cross the tunnel of love in the Ukraine
  76. Take a horse and buggy ride in Charleston
  77. Visit a Buddhist Temple
  78. Grab a cigar in Cuba
  79. Walk through Mardi Gras
  80. Eat lobster in Maine
  81. Visit Salem during Halloween
  82. Wine tasting in Chile
  83. Mining for gold
  84. Sun-soaked day in Jamaica
  85. Swim in the Dead Sea
  86. Hike the Inca Trails
  87. Visit Goblin Valley in Utah
  88. Sri Lanka – indulge in luxury travel
  89. Ride a double-decker bus in London
  90. See the 7 Wonders
  91. Visit the Ice Hotel in Canada
  92. Sleep in Dracula’s Castle
  93. Walk the Freedom Trail in Boston
  94. See a show at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville
  95. Bet it all on RED in Vegas
  96. Stay at an all-inclusive in the Dominican Republic
  97. Visit St. Basil’s Cathedral in Russia
  98. Go ghost hunting
  99. Sleep in a glass igloo in Norway
  100. Go on a NO DESTINATION road trip
Bucket List: Top 100 Travel Ideas

There you have it! 100 great bucket list ideas for you to consider for your next travel planning session! Any of these work for you? How many have you done?! Would love to hear!!! For more travel-related content, visit my Travel section.

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