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Adventures By Disney Egypt Vacation – New Itinerary Added

Adventures by Disney has just announced that they are heading to Egypt and I cannot believe it! Egypt is a place that I feel like everyone should visit at least once. A country that is filled with history and buried kings and incredible structures and unbelievable spices and … camels. Yeah, I said it! I want to ride a camel. Is that so bad? 

A few years ago, my cousin took a trip to Egypt by herself and it is probably the biggest regret of my life! That I didn’t go with her. Imagine being able to see the pyramids with your very own eyes? One of the wonders of the world! Pure magic. 

Well now, Disney wants to help travelers looking to experience the wonders on their own by offering up a trip of a lifetime. Starting in 2020, you can book an unforgettable family vacation itinerary in Egypt, a three-part tour featuring adventures by land, river, and sea.

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Adventures by Disney Egypt Vacation

Adventures By Disney Egypt Vacation

With Adventures by Disney, families will be immersed in the allure of both ancient and modern Egypt during a skillfully planned itinerary developed with the trusted family travel expertise of Disney. Have you ever thought about bringing your family to Egypt but didn’t know how to begin or what to include? That’s one of the many great joys of working with Disney. They take care of just about everything. 

The journey will deliver up-close encounters with the legendary landmarks and rich history of ancient Egypt. You will walk through Cairo, cruise the Nile River, and, of course, spend some time cruising along the Red Sea. Excuse me, I meant THE RED SEA OMG.  

Adventures by Disney Egypt Vacation by Lady and the Blog

Highlights from the 10-day, nine-night Egypt vacation include:

If you wanted to get a taste of what your Adventures by Disney Egyptian itinerary had to offer, here’s a peek. But I must warn you!! What they put on the website is NOT all that is offered. The guides like to leave room for surprises. So, no matter what, you will never know everything that is planned for your day. Personally, I think that makes the trip more fun. Who doesn’t love a good surprise every now and then?

But for now – here is what you are being TOLD about the Egyptian itinerary from Adventures by Disney:

(1) Visits to breathtaking ancient monuments with the expert guidance of a world-class Egyptologist:

  • pyramids and Sphinx of Giza
  • the Valley of the Kings and Tutankhamun’s tomb
  • the temples of Luxor, Kom Ombo, Horus at Edfu, Philae, and Karnak.

(2) Immersive experiences at the brand-new Grand Egyptian Museum, (opens in 2020). Here, guests can embark on an interactive King Tut-themed treasure hunt or peruse the museum’s state-of-the-art exhibits at their leisure.

(3) Access to the inner wonders of the Great Pyramid of Giza during a tour of the burial chamber of Pharaoh Cheops.

(4) Interactive cultural activities, such as a chef-led cooking class on Egyptian specialties, a Nubian folkloric show and henna tattoo experience, and a hieroglyphic writing lesson.

(5) Picture-perfect outings in surreal settings, like a voyage on a traditional Egyptian felucca sailboat, visits to lively local markets and a private beachside Bedouin-themed dinner.

(6) A three-night cruise along the Nile River with premium accommodations and themed entertainment, followed by a two-night stay at a luxurious beachside resort in Sharm El Sheikh, including a full day snorkeling excursion on a private boat to visit the famous coral reefs of the Red Sea.

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Adventures by Disney Egypt Vacation

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Book Your Adventure Today

Adventures by Disney plans to offer 11 Egypt departures in 2020, five of which are reserved for adult travelers. The adult-only itinerary offers something different than the family-focused group. If you decide to book the adults only tour, you will have access to an exclusive VIP tour of the conservation rooms at the Grand Egyptian Museum. In this room, there are millennia-old artifacts that are uncovered and unrestored. MY GOOOOOODDDDNNNEESSSS!!!! This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Adventures by Disney guests.

Why Adventures By Disney? Why Egypt? 

If you book this Egyptian itinerary, it will be a trip that you will remember for the rest of your life. This will be a trip that your children will reference in class when their teacher brings up the time period for years to come. What better way to tour through the past with your family than with a company that is known for quality and service? Egypt with Disney? Can you imagine? 

Adventures by Disney takes you places that other guides simply do not have access too and that is the truth. I recently took a Californian tour with them (more to come) and I cannot tell you how many different times my mind was blown away. When I tell my friends all the little perks I experienced over just three days, they almost don’t believe me! Imagine ten full days. YEOW! 

So, if you ever thought about heading to Egypt – either with your spouse, your best friend, your entire family, or alone (like my cousin), now is the time to do it! 

For more information, visit Adventures by Disney


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