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100 Crazy Bucket List Ideas You Need To Experience

If you are looking for a few crazy bucket list ideas to inspire you to live your best life ever, I have 100 for you to check out. These ideas will encourage you to travel across the globe, explore new food, and even attend events you never even thought about before!

Crazy Bucket List Ideas

The point of this particular bucket list is to get you out of your comfort zone. More often than not, we live in between the lines. Do you feel like you are inside of a boring box and about to explode? Well, go for it!

Book an appointment for some boudoir photos, get a new tattoo, or better yet… find evidence that Bigfoot actually exists. You know you want to!

100 crazy ideas

100 Crazy Bucket List Ideas

Whether or not you grab a few friends to take along for the ride or choose to explore this path solo – that’s up to you. Here are 100 crazy ideas to consider that will open up an entirely new world that needs checking off.

  1. Cross a Glacier
  2. Drive a Lamborghini
  3. Get a bikini wax
  4. Ride a mechanical bull
  5. See the Northern Lights
  6. Set a Guinness Book of World Record
  7. Pay the bill of a stranger
  8. Start a business
  9. Solve a Rubik’s Cube
  10. Dog sledding In Alaska
  11. Attend the Olympics
  12. Ride a gondola in Venice
  13. Go to a gun range to shoot a gun
  14. Send a care package to a solider
  15. Learn how to blow glass
  16. Ride a helicopter
  17. Attend a wine festival
  18. Build a tree fort
  19. Do an ancestry test
  20. Take an IQ test
  21. Learn self-defense
  22. Sleep under the stars
  23. Go on an African safari
  24. Go skinny dipping
  25. Donate your hair
  26. Cage-dive in Shark Alley
  27. Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef
  28. Visit Machu Picchu
  29. Try hot yoga
  30. Get a professional photoshoot
  31. Drive along Route 66
  32. Get tickets to the Super Bowl
  33. Go bungee jumping
  34. Learn a new language
  35. Create art and sell it
  36. Sing karaoke
  37. Take boudoir photos
  38. Whitewater rafting
  39. Visit Stonehenge
  40. Take a photo every day for a month
  41. Sit for a nude painting
  42. Act in a play
  43. Say yes to everything for one day
  44. Be in a parade float
  45. Visit all seven continents
  46. Live in a different country
  47. Earn some beads at Mardi Gras
  48. Go skydiving
  49. Visit the White House
  50. Rappel down a waterfall
  51. Take a cross-country road trip
  52. Ride a camel
  53. Run a marathon
  54. Visit Disneyland
  55. Attend a luau
  56. Ride horses on the beach
  57. Walk the Great Wall of China
  58. Write a book
  59. Be in a movie
  60. Backpack through Europe
  61. Enter a competition
  62. Take part in a triathlon
  63. Crash a wedding
  64. Spend the night at a haunted hotel
  65. Learn archery
  66. Learn how to change a tire
  67. Attend Carnival in Brazil
  68. Explore a dark cave
  69. Attend a live TED Talk
  70. Give free hugs to strangers
  71. Jump off a cliff
  72. Start a charity
  73. Take a ghost tour
  74. Wrap a snake around your neck
  75. Order flowers for yourself once a week for a year
  76. Organize your entire house – every nook
  77. Sneak backstage at your favorite concert
  78. Attend a rodeo
  79. Take a two-week break from technology
  80. Go on a blind date
  81. Get a tattoo
  82. Watch a Wimbledon championship match
  83. Milk a cow
  84. Drink tea at a tea house
  85. Try sushi
  86. Go to a Korean spa
  87. Read a banned book
  88. Search for the Loch Ness Monster
  89. Find Big Foot
  90. Go whale watching
  91. Have a one night stand
  92. Sign up to be an organ donor
  93. Find someone who has your same exact name
  94. Visit Comic-Con
  95. Ride the Tour de France route
  96. Quit your day job
  97. Visit Alcatraz
  98. Go to Salem, Massachusetts
  99. Visit the Sistine Chapel
  100. Foster a dog
crazy bucket list

How many of these crazy bucket list ideas have you crossed off yet? What percentage can you say you’ve truly completed?


Sunday 22nd of November 2020

In life, you need to try everything, such lists are very cool! This summer I had my first kitesurfing experience, and it was unforgettable. It was scary to start, but I had an experienced instructor and cool equipment, I bought it here . That's why I did it, and I'm not going to stop there

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