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Christmas Bucket List – 40 Family Fun Activities To Do With The Kids

This Christmas bucket list offers over 40 family fun activities to experience over the holiday season with the people you love. By checking off this December checklist, you will ensure that you drink all the hot chocolate, sing your favorite jingles, and make enough reindeer food to satisfy the entire flight crew.

christmas bucket list

Sometimes the holidays can feel a bit overwhelming. We want to do all those wonderful traditions that we did with our parents growing up, but we don’t know how to squeeze them all in!?

With this Christmas bucket list, you can check off your favorite memories – one by one – and make sure you hit all the holiday traditions you want to without breaking a sweat. Once you see everything in one place, it just becomes more manageable, right?!

Think about it – hot chocolate and a Christmas movie… while wearing an ugly sweater? BOOM! Three Christmas bucket ideas DONE!! The kids LOVE to work their way through this Christmas season bucket list and your family will, too.

christmas traditions

Christmas Traditions List – 40 Family Fun Activities To Do With The Family

  1. Drink hot chocolate
  2. Take a photo of your Elf on the Shelf
  3. Get reindeer food ready for Christmas Eve
  4. Decorate a gingerbread house
  5. Cut out paper snowflakes
  6. Make a traditional holiday dessert
  7. Host a cookie exchange
  8. Dance to holiday music
  9. Make hot cider
  10. Eat candy canes
  11. Host a holiday lunch
  12. Buy Christmas pajamas
  13. Go ice skating
  14. Kiss someone under the mistletoe
  15. Make a holiday music playlist
  16. Wear Christmas socks
  17. Play Christmas Charades
  18. Wrap presents
  19. Attend mass
  20. Put up Christmas lights
  21. Make your own ornaments
  22. Watch the Nutcracker
  23. Tell Funny Christmas Knock Knock Jokes For Kids
  24. Read a Christmas book
  25. Donate toys to a local drive
  26. Get warm by a fireplace
  27. Decorate a Christmas tree
  28. Purchase ugly holiday sweaters
  29. Make an Advent calendar
  30. Make snow angel
  31. Build a snowman
  32. Visit Santa
  33. Host a Christmas Scavenger Hunt
  34. Send holiday cards
  35. Hang stockings
  36. Leave cookies out for Santa
  37. Go sledding
  38. Get family photos taken
  39. Christmas movie marathon
  40. Go caroling
  41. Make homemade fudge
  42. Walk around and see Christmas lights
  43. Perform random acts of kindness

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Be sure to click here for a printable version of the holiday traditions checklist.

holiday bucket list

Did I miss anything? What family Christmas traditions do you do at home with the kids that I should add?

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