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High School Bucket List For Teens – 40 Fun Ideas To Complete In A Year

This high school bucket list for teens is packed with fun ideas for your child to do with friends or on their own, with topics ranging from sports, crafts, creative writing, and exploring. If you are looking for ideas to get your high schooler off of their phones and plugged back into life again, here’s a great list of suggestions to offer them that targets the teen demographic.

High School Bucket List For Teens

What are some high school bucket list ideas for teens? Children can join after-school clubs, start a journal, attend a football game, study in the school library, or even aspire to land on the honor roll.

High School Bucket List For Teens – 40 Fun Ideas To Complete In A Year

A Summer Bucket List For Teens is a bit different than one that is specifically focused on school and the experiences one can have with friends in that setting. These ideas don’t only revolve around being a teenager, it’s more about what they can hope to get out of the high school experience as a whole.

things to do in high school

So, if your child really has no clue of what it means to “make the most out of the year”, here it all is on one list:

  1. Attend a football game
  2. Host a party
  3. Write a letter to your future-self
  4. Join a club
  5. Start a vlog
  6. Read a great book
  7. Start a journal
  8. Start running
  9. Go to the end of year party for your class
  10. Set some goals for yourself
  11. Wear someone’s Letter Jacket
  12. Try something NEW
  13. Make promises with your best friends
  14. Try out for the school play
  15. Get good grades
  16. Study in the library
  17. Redecorate / rearrange your room
  18. Have a movie marathon that focus on high school with your besties
  19. Do a virtual tour for one college
  20. Say hello to a new person every day
  21. Leave a kind note for your favorite teacher
  22. Have a bonfire
  23. Get a part-time job
  24. Wear your school colors to a game
  25. Make honor roll
  26. Get a driver’s license
  27. Enter an art contest
  28. Change your style entirely
  29. Make a new friend
  30. Force yourself to come out of your shell
  31. Forgive your enemies
  32. Learn to be a friend to people who need one
  33. Spend 24 hours without your phone
  34. Start a budget
  35. Go thrifting
  36. Pull an all-nighter
  37. Take a babysitting course / lifeguarding course
  38. Volunteer
  39. Ace your finals
  40. Graduate

Did you have any personal experiences during your time as a freshman or a senior that you’d like to add? Would love to hear!

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