S’Mores In Your Broiler: So Easy To Make!


I bought all the ingredients to make s’mores yesterday and realized I ran out of sticks right before we were ready to ROLL. UGH! My kids were in a PANIC. I decided to just throw them in the broiler and roll with it. I laid everything flat and kept the marshmallows exposed. 11216724_10153325092039520_7187160317407504516_n

I kept an eye on it all – my oven has uneven heat. So, I just kept checking to see when the tops of the marshmallows browned. It took about 5-7 minutes. The chocolate melted as well which was a treat. When you do proper s’mores, the chocolate is always hard. I hate that! This was oh so gooey! 11234918_10153325092084520_1206717217267891227_nThen I just picked two graham crackers and folded them on top of one another and served. Total heaven!



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