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10 Math Board Games To Play With The Kids To Help With Mental Math

These math board games are an easy way to get your kids excited about active learning at home. Board games are a great way to enjoy family time with the children while still ensuring they are working on their school’s curriculum in a fun way.

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10 Math Board Games To Play With The Kids

My family loves to participate in family game night on a regular basis. In fact, we make sure we get together at least one a week for an unplugged evening together as a rule of thumb.

This means that we have to make sure to have a wide array of new titles and classic favorites on hand to keep the kids excited about gathering around the dining room table for a few hours. Math Board games are typically introduced a few times a quarter as a way to mix things up.

If you are hoping to do the same for your little ones, here are some options you should consider. I’ve included a wide array of age range options to cover all bases.

This section is dedicated to younger children and contains affiliate links.

ROPODA Shut The Box Dice Game

Before I even get into the generalized section, I have to call out this particular game because it is our favorite. We play it ALL THE TIME.

We play ROPODA Shut The Box Dice Game before school starts, when we are waiting for dinner, right before bed – you name it! My little guy LOVES THIS ONE. It is our top pick for sure!

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Top Math Board Games For Kids

Don’t these titles all look like so much fun? I’m telling you! Your children won’t even KNOW they are working on addition and subtraction because the storylines are THAT good!

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I hope you try out some of these products to help your little ones work on their mental math abilities. Use your family game night to work on math problems, math facts, problem solving, math concepts, and more.

Practice math in an enjoyable and watch how your children no longer shy away from the subject! That is the best part of it all!

Let me know if I let out a title that you absolutely love!

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