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30 Snow Games Your Kids Can Play This Winter

Winter presents a magical time for children, transforming familiar landscapes into wonderlands of white. Snow games not only offer kids an opportunity to revel in the chilly season but also encourage physical activity, creativity, and an appreciation for the natural world.

Snow Games

30 Snow Games Your Kids Can Play This Winter

From building snowmen to engaging in playful snowball fights, winter games ensure every child can find joy and excitement in the frosty outdoors. These activities create lasting memories and foster important skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and fine motor coordination.

As the snowflakes begin to fall, let’s explore 30 snow games that promise to keep kids entertained and engaged throughout the winter season.

Here’s a list of 30 fun activities that kids can enjoy in the snow during winter, complete with detailed descriptions and the necessary supplies for each activity:

  1. Snowman Building
    • Description: Create a classic snowman by rolling and stacking snowballs. Add features like buttons, a carrot nose, and a hat.
    • Supplies: Carrot, buttons, sticks, scarf, hat.
  2. Snowball Fight
    • Description: Engage in a playful battle by throwing snowballs at each other.
    • Supplies: Just snow and some warm gloves!
  3. Snow Angel Making
    • Description: Lie on the snow and move arms and legs back and forth to create angel shapes.
    • Supplies: Snowsuit to stay dry.
  4. Sledding
    • Description: Slide down hills on a sled for a thrilling ride.
    • Supplies: Sled, snowsuit, helmet for safety.
  5. Ice Skating
    • Description: Glide across a frozen pond or ice skating rink.
    • Supplies: Skates, warm clothes, helmet.
  6. Snow Fort Building
    • Description: Construct a fort using snow blocks or piles of snow for walls.
    • Supplies: Snow shovels, buckets for molding.
  7. Snow Painting
    • Description: Use colored water in spray bottles to paint on the snow.
    • Supplies: Water, food coloring, spray bottles.
  8. Tracking Animal Footprints
    • Description: Explore and identify animal tracks in the snow.
    • Supplies: Identification guide, camera.
  9. Snowshoeing
    • Description: Walk over snow without sinking using snowshoes.
    • Supplies: Snowshoes, warm clothing.
  10. Snow Sculpting
    • Description: Create sculptures other than snowmen, like animals or abstract shapes.
    • Supplies: Snow, sculpting tools (optional).
  11. Winter Hiking
    • Description: Take a hike through a snowy landscape.
    • Supplies: Warm boots, layered clothing.
  12. Tobogganing
    • Description: Slide down hills on a toboggan, which is larger than a typical sled and can hold multiple people.
    • Supplies: Toboggan, helmets, snowsuit.
  13. Snow Maze Building
    • Description: Create a maze in the snow for others to navigate.
    • Supplies: Shovels, sticks for planning.
  14. Snowball Target Practice
    • Description: Set up targets and try to hit them with snowballs.
    • Supplies: Targets (could be anything from a tree to a cardboard box).
  15. Building an Igloo
    • Description: Construct an igloo by carefully stacking compacted snow blocks.
    • Supplies: Snow, igloo-making kit (optional).
  16. Winter Picnic
    • Description: Enjoy a picnic in the snow with hot drinks and snacks.
    • Supplies: Blanket, thermos with hot beverage, snacks.
  17. Snowflake Catching
    • Description: Catch snowflakes on your tongue or on a dark piece of cloth to observe their shapes.
    • Supplies: Black cloth.
  18. Hot Cocoa Outdoor Party
    • Description: Set up a station outdoors to enjoy hot cocoa after playing in the snow.
    • Supplies: Hot cocoa, cups, outdoor table.
  19. Winter Bird Feeding
    • Description: Make bird feeders to help winter birds and observe them.
    • Supplies: Birdseed, bird feeder or materials to make one.
  20. Snow Photography
    • Description: Take artistic photos of the snowy landscape and snow activities.
    • Supplies: Camera or smartphone.
  21. Winter Scavenger Hunt
    • Description: Create a list of winter-themed items to find outdoors.
    • Supplies: List of items, bag for collection.
  22. Build a Snow Labyrinth
    • Description: Create a large, walkable labyrinth in the snow.
    • Supplies: Shovels, sticks for outlining paths.
  23. Cross-Country Skiing
    • Description: Ski across snowy terrains using cross-country skis.
    • Supplies: Cross-country skis, poles, boots.
  24. Make Snow Cones
    • Description: Use clean snow to make homemade snow cones with flavored syrup.
    • Supplies: Clean snow, syrup, cones or cups.
  25. Winter Treasure Hunt
    • Description: Bury treasures in the snow for kids to find.
    • Supplies: Small toys or items,
activities to play in the snow

What activities can you do in the snow?

We always love to make snowmen and igloos. I feel like those two options are always the first and second things we do once it becomes a winter wonderland. However, adding new snow game options is always welcome.

How do you play with snow inside?

Although I brought you plenty of options for outdoor play, you can bring some snow inside using plastic containers and continue to have fun with snow but from the comfort of your home.

Consider using coloring dye and shaping tools until everything melts. You could also add glitter! Just remember that you are on a timeline.

fun activities to play in the snow

How do you entertain kids in the winter?

Entertaining kids during the winter can be fun and challenging, especially when the cold weather limits outdoor activities. Here are some ideas to keep children engaged and happy during the winter months:

  1. Indoor Crafts: Set up a crafts station with materials for painting, drawing, winter-themed crafts, or even DIY slime.
  2. Baking Together: Involve kids in baking cookies, making hot chocolate, or preparing simple meals. It’s a fun way to teach them basic cooking skills.
  3. Board Games and Puzzles: Break out board games and puzzles for family-friendly competition and brain exercise.
  4. Reading Time: Create a cozy reading nook and explore winter-themed stories or any genre that interests them.
  5. Indoor Treasure Hunt: Set up a treasure hunt around the house with clues and hidden treats.
  6. Science Experiments: Conduct simple and safe science experiments that can be done with household items.
  7. Movie Marathon: Have a movie day with a selection of kid-friendly movies, complete with popcorn and comfortable blankets.
  8. Dance Party: Put on some music and have a dance party to get some exercise and lift everyone’s spirits.
  9. Yoga and Exercise: Engage in indoor yoga or simple exercise routines suitable for kids.
  10. DIY Indoor Obstacle Course: Create a fun obstacle course with pillows, chairs, and other safe household items.
  11. Virtual Museum Tours: Explore museums worldwide through virtual tours, which can be both educational and entertaining.
  12. Home Theater: Put on a play or a puppet show. Kids can help with scriptwriting, costume design, and acting.
  13. Interactive Video Games: Play video games that encourage physical activity, like dance or sports games.
  14. Indoor Camping: Set up a tent in the living room, complete with sleeping bags and a ‘campfire’ made from paper and flashlights.
  15. Educational Apps and Online Learning: Utilize educational apps and websites for learning while having fun.
  16. DIY Spa Day: Have a relaxing spa day with homemade face masks, manicures, and calming music.
  17. Building Models or LEGO: Engage in building models, LEGO, or other construction toys which enhance creativity and focus.
  18. Winter Sports: When possible, engage in winter sports like ice skating, sledding, or skiing, ensuring proper safety measures.
  19. Knitting or Sewing Projects: Teach older kids basic knitting or sewing with simple projects like scarves or bags.
  20. Music and Instruments: Encourage them to play musical instruments or have a karaoke session.

Remember, the key is to balance activities that are fun, educational, and physically active, keeping the children’s age and interests in mind.

Do you have any snow games you’d like to add? Would love to hear!

Snow Games for kids

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