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Rainy Day Activities For Toddlers To Keep Them Occupied

Rainy day activities for toddlers can be lifesavers for parents! Believe me – I know! You may think that keeping toddlers occupied on a rainy day is an impossible feat, but the thing is toddlers are entertained by the simplest of activities. 

Rainy Day Activities For Toddlers

Trying to find rainy day activities for toddlers is as simple as getting in touch with your inner child and learning a few things about what your toddler enjoys doing most. There’s nothing worse than trying to keep your toddler entertained during the spring season when rainy days hit the most. Today you’ll find a list of things to do below to keep your kids busy and out of your hair.

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Rainy Day Activities For Toddlers To Keep Them Occupied

cardboard boxes

Cardboard Boxes

Gather up the cardboard boxes and let your toddlers color them and build something with them. Toddlers can often be easily amused simply by using cardboard boxes for an indoor fort.

This is why it’s best to always keep your larger cardboard boxes stored for rainy day fun when you have little ones. Any Amazon shoppers here? Keep everything!

Shaving Cream Fun

Squirt some shaving cream inside a plastic tote or pan. Hand the plastic tote or pan to your toddler to let them play around with the shaving cream. Indoor activities for kids can get messy – so, sorry in advance. 🙂 

It’s best to do this rainy day activity for toddlers over a hardwood floor or tabletop that’s easily cleaned when shaving cream gets out of control. And believe me, it will. 

To see some examples of these indoor activities for kids action, check out these ideas:

rainy day fun

Fun Activities For Kids – Joke Contest 

I love to do this with all of my children. We all gather around and just tell jokes. The older two look up jokes on the Internet and print them out while my toddler just gets to listen and laugh. It is the sweetest thing. A huge family bonding moment. 

Pretend Bowling

Get yourself a pretend bowling set and have a bowling competition with your toddler. Have your toddler set up the pins and have a little indoor bowling fun during a rainy day.

Out of all the rainy day activities, pretend bowling will keep your toddler occupied for hours. They will love the destruction aspect. 

Make Beaded Necklaces

Grab an old shoelace and tie one end of it, hand your toddlers a few large beads, and have them make beautiful necklaces for family members.

What a fun way to let your toddlers use their creative mind while also enhancing their fine motor skills. If you don’t have beads, consider uncooked pasta noodles! 

indoor activities for kids

Make Sensory Bottles

This toddler activity will need some adult supervision to create, but you can find DIY sensory bottle ideas on Pinterest to create with your child.

Once you’ve created some sensory bottles they can be used as a fun, calming rainy day activity for toddlers who want to learn more about how things work and move.

Here are some fun activities for kids to get you started:

indoor activities

Indoor Fun For Kids – Color Hunt

Grab a few different pieces of construction paper and have your toddlers go on a color hunt. The instructions are pretty simple for this activity. 

Just show your toddler the different colored construction paper and tell them to go around the home and find things that match the color of the construction paper. How fun! This will certainly pass the time for you and your toddler on a rainy day. 

Just make sure they don’t get a hold of red markers or lipstick. Woops! Like I said, indoor fun for kids can get really messy! 

indoor activities for kids who are bored

Indoor Activities – Have A Singing Contest

People – this rainy day activity will get loud and crazy, but it is so much FUN. We love to sing and dance at home and we honestly do it almost every morning during breakfast. You better believe the show continues during a thunderstorm! 

You don’t really need to have any official microphones or karaoke machines. Just grab a pretend mic and go at it! Have a blast! Pick your favorite songs and have a blast. 

Fun Activities For TOddlers – Make a Blanket Fort

One of my favorite indoor activities for toddlers is to make a blanket fort. This is perfect for every age, but when you make a blanket fort with toddlers they are entertained for hours upon hours.

Allow your toddler to bring their toys and books inside this blanket fort for hours of independent play.

Sensory Bin of Sand

Get some pretend sand and put it inside a decent sized plastic tote for some indoor sand castle making fun. This is also known as a sensory bin.

You can place sand castle making supplies inside such as small shovels, rakes and little buckets for your toddler to have some sand playing fun indoors. Here are a few examples I found online to get you started

boredom busters

There are so many rainy day activities for toddlers that you can use to entertain your little ones. Toddlers certainly require a little more attention and as parents, we have to give it to them.

Hopefully, this indoor play for toddlers list will give you exactly what you need to get you through any bad weather you’re facing today! Kids love some great indoor fun. Spend time with your little ones using these fun ideas and build lasting memories. Do you have any ideas you’d like to share? What did I miss?

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