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The 10 Most Fashionable Evil Eye Necklace Options For Women

The person who wears an evil eye necklace is protected from evil spirits, bad luck, and hid from anyone wishing them misfortune. Wearing this jewelry piece offers an additional layer of protection against all negative energy and is a custom that many believe still to this day.

evil eye necklaces

Some might just like the look! Others don’t want to believe but can’t shake the stories their grandmothers told them when they were a little child. Whatever your reason, I found 10 evil eye necklace options to share with you that are both fashionable and functional.

In the end, the true meaning being the evil eye necklace is all about protection. However, your style selection is up to you!

The 10 Most Fashionable Evil Eye Necklace Options For Woman

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Whatever your reason is, whether it’s to look for protection from the evil eye or because you’re looking to complete your favorite Friday night look, I found 10 stylish necklace options for you to consider. The price points range from low to mid-range. Nothing is over $100.

Sterling Silver Station Evil Eye Necklace

The Sterling Silver Station Evil Eye Necklace is dainty and simple but still does the trick. There are actually 11 different evil eyes rotating across the entire necklace keeping you universally protected.

sphera milano

If you are looking for more of a statement piece, this oversized shield from Sphera Milano is actually 14K gold plated and will let everyone know you mean business.

Lev Evil Eye Sterling Silver Chain Necklace with Pendant

This Lev Evil Eye Sterling Silver Chain Necklace with Pendant has a fabulous boho vibe and most won’t even be able to tell that you are wearing a protection charm, but that won’t stop it from working.

protection necklace

Adorina took a shot at their version of the Evil Eye necklace and came up with feminine curve lines and lots of bling.

evil eye protection necklace

This evil eye protection necklace is actually a Y chain which I LOVE! It doesn’t have an “in your face” vibe but will still serve its purpose.

eye pendant necklace

Ok, friends… now we are stepping things up. This is the biggest eye pendant necklace I could find. If you have people really bothering you, I guess you need to give them all you’ve got!

evil eye pendants

This jewelry piece is a bit different than the others because it has several different components to it. I like the depth that the additional circles give to the necklace. Makes it more of a conversation piece.

Evil Eye Medallion Pendant Necklace

This particular pendant’s etching is very light and you almost can’t tell what is happening unless you get real close to the person who is wearing it. I love that about this necklace! One of my favorites on the list.

turkish necklace

Simply stated but the point made. The center focal point is plain and highlighted. The BLUE of the iris is prominent and stands out amongst the glittering chain. Rose gold plated. Also comes in yellow gold.

reef break cat chambers necklace

Last but not least, we have a simple pendant that – again – you can wear every single day and nobody would even be able to tell that you are trying to protect yourself from any wrongdoings.

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