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Positivity Is Contagious – 25 Ways To Start Spreading Positivity

Positivity is contagious and it all begins with you! If you really think about it, positivity inspires other people to do good and share their light from within and so, I try my best to teach my children to do the same. Here are 25 different ways you can start spreading positivity today.

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Positivity Is Contagious – 25 Ways To Start Spreading Positivity

It all starts with an attitude shift. You have to want to be the change and that takes a little legwork. If you are coming from a really negative space, you have to make a conscious decision to turn on the switch and make the adjustment on your own.

In the past, I’ve written about a 30 day positivity challenge that you should consider if you don’t know where to begin. It’s broken down in small bites and gives you actionable steps to take every single day of the month.

Once you have your thoughts in control, it’s time to start sharing all of that positive gold! Spreading positivity can truly boost the mood of anyone in your proximity and hopefully, the people you affect will do the same thing to their family and friends.

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How can I spread more positivity?

  1. Send a note to a friend.
  2. Open a door for a stranger.
  3. Say please and thank you all day.
  4. Hand out genuine compliments whenever you feel one.
  5. Smile.
  6. Hug, shake hands, kiss, physical contact.
  7. Be a friend when someone needs it.
  8. Say kind things. Use encouraging words. Share good news.
  9. Be kind.
  10. Appreciate small wins and be vocal about it.
  11. Listen – be an ear, a shoulder, a voice, a coach.
  12. Spend time with loved ones.
  13. Spend time with people who you know are alone.
  14. Help people in need.
  15. Be encouraging! Be a cheerleader!
  16. Remove any criticism from your life.
  17. Replace harsh words with kind words.
  18. Pay it forward.
  19. Text a few friends a day. Even if it’s a meme.
  20. If you can afford it, send someone a small gift.
  21. Remove any judgement from your life.
  22. Share a joke.
  23. RAKS.
  24. Surround yourself with positive people and introduce them to one another.
  25. Volunteer.
positivity is contagious

Why is spreading positivity important?

I think, in today’s day and age, we all have to do our part to spread a little kindness and joy and light into the world. Social media has become a space of misinformation and rage and pointing fingers and choosing sides and BLAME. Where are the kitten photos MY GAWD!?

I know we all have to remain educated and informed. Don’t get me wrong. But the life literally gets sucked out of me when I log onto Facebook and am kicked in the face with absolute negatively for 600 posts in the row.

I am an empath. Whether or not you believe in those things – it’s true. I can’t handle it. I can’t participate in it. I can’t own it. I just absorb it all.

People just write these things – such HATE – and then they turn off their computers and go about their day. I read their posts and they sit with me, I remember them, I log them. They cloud me. It’s hard to shake it all off. I can’t unfollow everyone I know – that’s not the answer. So, I just try to be different.

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positivity is key

What is your own unique way of spreading happiness?

Do you have your own unique way of spreading happiness that I didn’t list? You know the things that you can do that nobody else can in your neck of the woods.

Maybe you are an excellent knitter. Well, why not work on making a few extra scarves for friends? Do you bake? How about making a few banana nut bread recipes for those who really need some cheering up?

Positivity is contagious! If you hand someone something that you made from the heart, perhaps they will pay it forward and do a kind deed for someone else. Do good and watch others follow suit!

Small Acts Of Kindness Go A Long Way

Small acts of kindness make people feel good and that is the point, isn’t it!? Positivity is key!

Positivity is contagious and I hope that you consider some of the options listed above today. Share it with your children and see how many they can check off this week.

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