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Everything You Need To Know About Squat Proof Leggings

Squat proof leggings are in high demand because women are looking for full coverage at the gym while performing their favorite workouts. There’s enough to worry about these days without having to fear about see-through exercise clothing.

squat proof leggings

If you never thought about it, most leggings aren’t created with squats or yoga stretches in mind. They aren’t testing for that kind of movement. Sure, you can get the coverage you need while shopping at Target, but not once you get into a downward dog position.

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Inspire Leggings

Everything You Need To Know About Squat Proof Leggings

Once your leggings stretch thinly across your bottom, the fabric is pulled to its limits and that’s when your panty lines (or not) are displayed to everyone behind you. Yeah for them! No bueno for you.

The right workout gear should be certified squat proof leggings. We do NOT need to be worrying about this. Here’s everything you need to get through your toughest workouts. 

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What Are the Best Squat Proof Leggings?

While squats are one of the most enjoyable and effective moves in a workout routine, your momentum can get lost if your leggings start sliding down during a squat. Some cheaper alternatives even rip! Who needs that at the gym?

The best leggings don’t cause discomfort and keep their positioning after every squat you perform. They also won’t turn see-through whenever you stretch.


Are Fabletics Leggings Squat Proof?

Fabletics is a very well-known household name and one of the leading global brands for athleisure. Their leggings are not only good for everyday casual wear because of style, but their company promises that their line is absolutely 100% squat proof. This means no tearing and no becoming see-through while stretching.

How Do You Know If Leggings Are Squat Proof?

As mentioned before, you can tell if a pair of leggings is squat proof when it does not become see-through when you squat while wearing them. The “Squat Test” can help you identify which leggings are squat proof and which are not.

If you want to test your leggings, grab a mirror, and do a squat! Bend down in front of the mirror and check if you can see your underwear or your skin through the stretched fabric. If you can see through, then you should avoid this purchase.

What Material Is Squat Proof?

One of the most easily distinguishable factors of a squat proof material is its thickness. The thicker the material, the sturdier it is. Seek out four-way stretch fabric. This lets the leggings stretch in all directions without the possibility of sheering. 

nike leggings

Nike Leggings

Are Nike Leggings Squat Proof?

Perhaps the greatest and the most popular brand for sportswear is Nike. These leggings range caters to all sizes and heights and keeps their shape/don’t slide down when in movement.

The leggings are 100% sweat-proof and squat proof and they are well-known for their on-trend styles.

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Other Notable Brands To Consider

Making the right decision when it comes to your workout clothing might seem like a tough task, but all you need to do is a bit of research and you will be good to go. Happy Squatting! 

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