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10 Ways To Be Kind To Your Future Self

Looking for ways to be kind to your future self? Thinking ahead is a very important form of self-care and there are things you can do today to set yourself up for a better tomorrow.

be kind to your future self

Have you ever had a moment where you wished you would have been better prepared the night before? Where you realized if only you did things differently… the task would be easier? It’s time to start realizing that you are in complete control of your day and if you need some extra help, you are there to give it to yourself.

10 Ways To Be Kind To Your Future Self

Self love is real. Start weaving in simple tasks into your routine that will ensure you lead a more relaxed and centered life. Here are some ways you can help out your future self. We promise you’ll thank us tomorrow.

get some rest

Get some rest

We know! There seems to be no end to the work you have to do and late nights are the only way to socialize. However, your body was not made to run effectively on five hours of sleep.

Our ancestors headed back to their caves once the sun set. Of course, this is entirely unrealistic for us, but you catch my drift. We need to wind down when day turns to night and at least isolate a few hours every night for some quiet.

Try to get a full 8 hours of sleep every night of the week. If you are struggling to find the time to squeeze that in, then see what you can do to clock in as many complete days as you can.

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Practice meal planning

Planning your meals is another way to reduce stress because it eliminates plenty of prep work and THINKING throughout your week. Just KNOWING what you’re going to eat each night is an absolute life saver and lifts a load of stress off of your plate.

But there is another benefit that we need to discuss. When done properly, you will save a significant amount of money because planning means using up everything you have in your pantry FIRST before buying more. Knowing what to cook also eliminates the need to order out.

This is truly a wonderful way to treat your future self kindly. More money in your bank account, less stress during your work week, and better food choices ahead.

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do the dishes and clean the kitchen

Do the dishes the same day you dirty them

Dishes are a chore, and not everyone has the luxury of a dishwasher, but waking up to dirty dishes first thing in the morning can be a stressful sight to see. Make it a habit to wash the dishes as soon as they are brought to the sink. Better yet, get the family involved if you have older children.

I am a family of five. The rule in my house is that I cook and my husband cleans and it’s been that way since the day we married. We never wake up to dirty dishes and it WORKS. On days where we are too tired because of a party, it feels OFF to see a sink of dishes first thing in the morning. Starts your entire day on the wrong foot!

If you have teens or tweens, hand them a sponge! They are old enough. If you live alone, then set aside 30 minutes after dinner to clean up the kitchen. Your future self will thank you over and over again.

take care of yourself

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Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Before you ask, alcohol, tea, and soda do NOT hydrate. But you knew that! 🙂 Your body need waters – six to eight glasses a day – to be exact. Instead of getting up eight times to refill your cup, try keeping a big bottle next to you so that you can have sips throughout the day.

drink water to hydrate

Cut a lemon into it or drink it cold if that helps! Not only will your body thank you, but so will your mind.

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Clean your desk daily

A messy desk begets a messy mind. It’s true! The harder it is to sort through the clutter on your workspace, the more difficult it will be to ‘organize’ your tasks for the day. It also acts as a distraction.

I admit that I am someone who always ends up with a messy desk because I am a creative and we end up exploding all over our space by the end of the day. BUT, I never leave it like that! It’s important to clean up for my future self.

Invest in folders, pen holders, bins, and organizational tools to help you batch your belongings. You’ll find that work will flow more quickly because everything will be in place. Bliss!

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buy in bulk to save time

Buy in bulk

My family has been buying in bulk for almost 20 years. It is a time-saver and a life-saver – especially now that I’m a mom of three and I go through snacks like they are air.

Bulk buying helps save a lot of money in the long run and ensures that you always have what you need on hand. But it also saves TIME and if I am trying to be kinder to my future self, I want to avoid extra trips to the grocery store if I can because my time is worth something. I much rather cuddle on the couch with the kids than spend 2 hours shopping for the third time in a month!

Eat healthy (or healthier)

Listen, we all can’t ignore our favorite guilty pleasures ALL the time. However, being more conscious about your food choices helps you feel better, both right after the meal and in the long run. It will make a world of a difference.

You don’t have to worry about counting proteins and carbs, but you can start to cut down on snacks, junk food, and soda. That would be a huge step in the right direction. Small moves add up to big changes.

keep stacks of greeting cards

Save a stack of greeting cards at home

Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary, celebration or loss, life happens and we are not always prepared for it. Pop by your local general store and get yourself a stash of generic cards! You never know when you’ll need one.

A personalized note inside one of these cards makes for a nice gesture. And not having to run out to grab one 15 minutes before a party because you – once again – forgot the card – will be a life saver!! Stock up on a dozen and cover the entire year. This is a great way for you to be kind to your future self as well as being kind to others.

Don’t ditch the doctor’s visits

Doctor visits are necessary. All of them. Even the ones you don’t want to do. Even the ones that you are trying to avoid. Even the ones that are scheduled on rainy days and you much rather … call in sick. HA!

The truth of the matter is that you have to keep up with your health. It’s easier not to, but that’s not the answer. There are plenty of online options these days that can help with local appointments. You don’t even have to call in anymore and talk to a human. No more excuses.

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calendar apps

Calendar app? Use it.

By utilizing your calendar app, you can stay on top of your entire life. Upcoming appointments, dinner parties, family soccer games – you name it! Set reminders, invite family members to share your calendar so you can all be connected and really get a hold of your current state. Never miss another date.

We know this seems like a lot of work, but it’s work done today that will save time (and maybe even your sanity) tomorrow! A few simple steps can change your life.

How will you be kind to your future self? Which tip will you start with today?


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