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How To Celebrate Your Birthday Month

Trying to figure out how to celebrate your birthday month? Well, listen up. November 1st means something really special to me. It’s the beginning of my birthday month. That’s right!

celebrating my birthday month

My actual birthday is on November 10th and truth be told… I share the date with my husband. Yes, we BOTH were born on the same day. What are the odds?!

I’ve joked in the past that my birthday has always felt more like Christmas because I shared it with Bill. I guess that’s because I typically spend the week prior to the big day planning a celebration for someone else.

I mean, love him… so it’s OK. But as I’ve aged, my thoughts have sort of shifted. Maybe I don’t want to share anymore?

How To Celebrate Your Birthday Month

Birthday Month

Let me break down how our celebrations usually pan out. Typically, we each pick a restaurant to take the kids to during the week. Bill normally picks a trendy and new locale, while I always lean hard on Benihana. What can I say? I like hibachi. 

Then the kids like to do something special for us as a group. So, that adds on another day of fun. Of course, our parents jump in and each take a birthday celebration day. Before we know it, we have something going on every few days!

After so many years of this, I decided it would be easier to claim November as my birthday month because then I could squeeze in all our usual celebrations PLUS opt in for a few more surprises along the way.

Do you celebrate your birthday month? If not, you need to start this YEAR! There are plenty of ways you can get the ball rolling. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Just think of little treats that you can indulge in to make your birthday month feel a little bit more special.

I’m going to give you 31 ideas even though your particular birthday month might have less days in it. Take what you want from the list and make it your own!

how to celebrate your birthday month

It’s My Birthday Month And Yes That’s A Real Thing: 31 Ways To Celebrate

  1. Bubble bath
  2. Order in a movie
  3. Favorite lunch spot
  4. Spa day at home
  5. Coffee with your girlfriends
  6. Quiet jog on your own
  7. Order that top you’ve been eyeing
  8. Buy some flowers
  9. Errand running alone
  10. Saturday freebie – up to you!
  11. Date night
  12. Order in food – no cooking
  13. Head to the theatre and see a show
  14. Massage Certificate
  15. Quiet night – no one talks (is this mean because I love it?)
  16. Read your favorite book
  17. Indulge in a gossip magazine
  18. Time for a mani/pedi!
  19. Have the children do all the chores
  20. Cleaning Service – full sweep
  21. Celebratory dance party after dinner
  22. Bake a cake
  23. Order your favorite dessert and have it delivered (why is everything about food for me?)
  24.  Unplug
  25. Get a blowout
  26. Sign up for a class you’ve always wanted to take
  27. Sit down and do the crossword puzzle in the paper
  28. Bond with your family – no electronics
  29. Take a nap!
  30. Open a bottle of champagne just because
  31. Get your eyebrows done professionally

Buy Yourself The Perfect Gift

Imagine getting a gift on your birthday month that you’ve always wanted! Well, why wait for your special day to buy something cool? There are tons of online shops with limited edition products and some even have free shipping worldwide.

  • Buy yourself a pet – Who says pets are not allowed inside your house? If you are someone who always wanted a little puppy or kitten, now is the time to bring home a furry baby. They make the perfect gift. Talk about an adorable birthday bundle!
  • Get yourself a new outfit – Looking for something cool to wear? Why not buy a brand new outfit for your birthday month? You can check out the latest trends online at various virtual clothing shops.
  • Head to the Theaters online – No need to spend money on expensive movie tickets when you can watch your favorite movies online for free! Most theaters offer online streaming so that you can enjoy the latest Hollywood releases in the comfort of your home.
  • Visit an actual theater – Want the option of choosing what to watch on any given day? has you covered with a virtual calendar that contains the latest releases and corresponding theater times.
  • Hire a virtual assistant – A virtual assistant will take care of all of those little errands that you would prefer to ignore. Sites like offer a selection of experienced virtual assistants from all over the world that are ready to take on any of your tasks.

Your Birthday is the Perfect Time to Start Investing

If you’re ready to start investing, but don’t have enough money to get started on your own, sites like offer virtual trading tools where money managers do all of the work for you. You can buy and sell stocks and bonds in the comfort of your home.

Search for Birthday Discount Codes

There are several restaurants that offer birthday discounts, so be sure to check and see what kind of delicious birthday treat you can get. Here are some options to get you started. Odds are if you sign up with these programs, you will receive a promotional email a week before your big day. So, be on the look out!

  1. Acapulco Mexican Restaurant – This family-owned chain offers free chips and queso when you mention your birthday upon ordering.
  2. Applebee’s – Sign up for their email offering and get a free dessert on your birthday.
  3. Ben & Jerry’s – Join the ‘MyBenandJerry’s’ Facebook group to receive an offer in your inbox when it is your birthday
  4. Bonefish – Get 20% off your entire meal with the mention of your birthday when ordering.
  5. Buffalo Wild Wings – Join their email club and get a free dessert on your birthday!
  6. Chili’s – All you have to do is sign up for My Chili’s Rewards . Then, you’ll receive a free dessert with the purchase of another on your birthday.
  7. Chuy’s – This Tex-Mex chain gives you a complimentary dessert with the purchase of an entrée when you sign up for their free eClub .
  8. Dairy Queen – Join their Blizzard Fan Club and get a BOGO (buy one, get one) blizzard coupon just for signing up.
  9. Denny’s – Be sure to sign up for their rewards program, MyDQ , and get a free Grand Slam on your birthday!
  10. Dominos – Get a FREE meal when you buy another at full price with the purchase of the Dominoes’ Fan Club email club.
  11. Fuddruckers – If you sign up for their Eat Club , you’ll receive a free dessert on your birthday.
  12. Hooters – Join the Hoot club and get a free meal on your birthday. That’s right… FREE!
  13. IHOP – Sign up online or in-store. You’ll receive a free meal on your birthday just for joining the Pancake Revolution .
  14. Outback – Sign up to become an Aussie fan and get 20% off of your next visit plus FREE Bloomin’ Onions!
  15. Generations – If you are 55+ years old, join their club and receive a free lunch or dinner on your birthday.
  16. Longhorn Steakhouse – Get a FREE dessert with purchase of an entrée when you join their eClub .
  17. Olive Garden – Join the eClub , receive special offers, including a complimentary appetizer or dessert during your birthday month!
  18. P.F. Chang’s – Join their rewards club , and receive either a free meal or dessert during your birthday month!
  19. Outback Steakhouse – Get $10 off of your meal when you sign up for their Birthday Club online.
  20. Red Lobster – Sign up for the Fresh Catch Club to receive a free gift for your birthday.
  21. Ruby Tuesdays – Sign up for their rewards program, and you’ll get a special gift on your birthday.
  22. Starbucks – Be sure to sign up online so that you can receive the offer of a FREE drink or treat from them on your big day!
birthday month

That’s it! My official birthday month list! Do you have anything else you’d like to share? Would love to hear.

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