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How To Draw A Dog For Kids – 10 Video Drawing Tutorials

In just a few simple steps, you and your family will be able to figure out how to draw a dog and have so much fun doing it! Listed below are several online video drawing tutorials that showcase a variety of pawtastic ways to recreate your favorite animal.

how to draw a dog

How To Draw A Dog For Kids

Whether you are looking for a specific breed to focus on – like the German Shepherd or the Corgi – or prefer to focus on all types of puppies instead, these dog drawing lessons will get your kids excited about showing off their artist skills once again!

As you know, we love to draw here in my house. That’s why I continuously try to showcase these online drawing roundups. This year, we’ve focused on:

And I am sure there will be so many more to come! When it comes to hobbies for kids, this one is on the top of our list.

How Do You Draw A Dog

How Do You Draw A Dog?

So, let’s get right to this simple dog drawing round-up! With these easy steps, you can hone in your drawing skills and work on mastering the dog’s face, perfect their front legs, and recreate man’s best friend the only way you can. And it always starts out with a curved line, a basic shape, and a half circle. Can you believe that?

There are so many fun things to draw on the Internet, but when it comes to drawing instructions, I think these are the easiest ones to follow. So, grab your art supplies and get to work. Pick your favorite dog – whether it’s the golden retriever or the chihuahua, and try to recreate that cute puppy today!

How To Draw A Puppy

I know that everyone asks about how to draw a dog, but I think most kids really want to know about how to draw a puppy. So, I will start there!

Puppies are just the cutest. This tutorial has those bright, shiny eyes that you immediately fall in love with! I even adore the heart collar. When the kids finally sit down for breakfast, we will kick off the day with this one, for sure!

How To Draw A Dog Face

When I doodle in my sketchbook, I always put little animal faces, stars, flowers – things like that. That’s why I think it’s important for kids to learn how to draw a dog face – nice and early. I mean, I feel like I’ve been doodling this one for over 40 years!

How To Draw A Cute Dog

So, this YouTube artist is probably one of my favorite because she really knows how to pull at your heartstrings with her designs. Very, very, talented.

I’m one of those people that can copy pretty much anything that I see from sight… but I don’t have the creativity to make it up on my own. Does that make sense? I can see any drawn image and just freehand it – no problem. But I could NEVER come up with this adorable creation from scratch! I lack that – which is TRULY what makes up a great artist.

That’s why I LOVE these videos because they allow me to express myself as best I can. I still feel good about my art session. I still feel like I released some of my artistic ability and I used a guide to do so. These YouTubers are a true gift.

And if I needed to look up a tutorial about how to draw a cute dog to do it… so be it! 🙂

How To Draw A Corgi

I think Corgis are such cute dogs!!! They are so small and fun and… small. I have a pitbull mix now but for 18 years I had two chihuahuas. So, I am a real fan of the tiny dog.

If you want to know how to draw a corgi, here is a great tutorial to try out. The best part about these drawing classes is that you can stop them at any time. If you need to rewind and repeat a section, it’s all in your hands! If you need to go to the bathroom, you don’t have to get permission. Just do it!

Also – did I mention they are free? Bonus! These easy to draw dog sessions are a win-win all around.

How To Draw A Dog Step By Step

Again, this is a simple standard play – but I think every child should know how to whip up dog drawings when they are bored. With just a few simple strokes, your little will be able to have the cutest pup with a wagging tail.

How To Draw The Puppy Emoji

Can we talk about the puppy emoji for a minute? I use this all the time because the emoji has spots in place exactly like my little Tucker! It’s pretty funny! Whenever I am online talking about Tucker, I pop in two emojis for fun.

I can’t wait to show my kids this dog drawing tutorial – they will get such a kick out of it. Be sure to show your family how to draw the puppy emoji as well.

How To Draw A German Shepherd

A lot of people love the german shepherd. They are an amazing breed and in a million movies! LOL! Makes sense that thousands of people search for ways they can learn how to draw a German Shepherd. This version is more realistic. Hope you enjoy it!

How To Draw A Cartoon Dog

Speaking of realistic – we are going the complete opposite way right now. We are walking down cute alley and filling our pockets with a little sunshine and unicorn pixie dust. It’s Cartoon Central! When it comes to the cartoon dog, I came up with two options.

First up, I found this adorable cartoon poodle for you to try to draw with your family. I love the bows and the different colors of pink.

But then I found this actual cartoon dog that looks like it was drawn for a literal MOVIE. I mean, doesn’t this feel like it has popped right out of your TV screen? Is he running from some mean man that wants to steal him from his family? My goodness – what a perfect dog drawing for kids! I can’t get over it.

How To Draw A Paw Print

I’m ending this whole thing with a paw print. Nice and simple. I’m not sure that people will need to watch this, but perhaps you are kicking off your dog drawing lesson with small children and you want to start things out slowly. This might be square one.

dog drawing

There are lots of easy cartoon dog drawing lessons for you to try out above and I hope you do! Like I said, we’ve been furry baby parents for over 20 years and there is just no turning back at this point. We are lifers! That’s why our kids constantly ask to do this activity. Enjoy!

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