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A Look At The Maleficent Product And Toy Line: Are You A Fairy, A Witch, A Princess? Or All Three?

So many images to share. SO MANY. Besides falling in love with the movie, Maleficent, I have fallen in love with the product line that Disney released to help support the film. I have a lot to talk about but I HAVE to start with the clothes. You know that’s where my heart and sole… I mean soul is.

Maleficent Product And Toy Line

Maleficent Product And Toy Line

Maleficent Product And Toy Line

Check out these dresses that are the PERFECT costumes for Halloween. I KNOW that my daughter is going to want to be Aurora (and Maleficent but she is going to have to pick one) come October. The purple and the blue dresses are from Stella McCartney Kids and you can see the designer’s touch in the detail. Absolutely stunning and kid appropriate.  The horns are flexible and light, the material is free flowing and washable. Thank you Stella! Thank you!

Maleficent Product And Toy Line

For big kids (ahem that means us too), there are t shirts and shoes to check out featuring both fairies and witches. I’ve actually seen some of these in Claire’s already. Be sure to head to your local mall to snag them while you can.

Dragon Tee for Boys

Fairy Tee for Girls

Maleficent Product And Toy Line

Maleficent Product And Toy Line

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Want to see what I drink my cup of tea out of every morning? Yup! That Maleficent mug right tthhhuuurrrrreeeeee. There’s plenty of household items you can choose from including a fabulously wicked clock and statue of the evil queen herself. Honestly, I can’t even call her evil anymore… this movie has changed EVERYTHING I KNOW TO BE TRUE. Am I coming or going?! AHHHHHHHH

Disney Maleficent and Dragon Mug

Maleficent Product And Toy Line


Women have some black and bold pieces to take advantage of as well. Pay close attention to the faux leather trim detail. You can see the snakeskin clearly in the shot. It’s not just a sleeveless shirt – there’s oh so much more to it.

Maleficent Product And Toy Line


But this dress is my absolute favorite of them all. It represents a dress that Aurora wears in the movie during several scenes and the costume designers did an amazing job replicating the look and the feel. It looks and feels so RICH. I cannot tell you how amazed I was that Disney made this available to the masses. A dress fit for royalty! For sure.

Maleficent Product And Toy Line

Play dolls and accessories are also part of the Maleficent product line. My daughter hasn’t let go of her Maleficent doll since the moment I landed!

Maleficent Maleficent: 11.5″ Dark Beauty Maleficent Doll

Maleficent Movie Jakks Pacific Glow Horns

Maleficent: 11.5″ Aurora Royal Coronation Collector Doll

Maleficent Product And Toy Line

Just this morning she was reading her Maleficent book while waiting for the bus stop and the girls gathered around her in awe. They each were like, “you have a Maleficent book!!!!” One girl pulled out her ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ book in shame and said, “I only have THIS!” I almost died! hahahahahhahaha Oh yes… Maleficent is the new rainbow loom. Need I say more moms? That’s code for get on it.

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