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How To Make Mom Feel Special – 20 Easy Ideas For Kids

There are so many different ways to make your mom feel special and you don’t need to spend money to do it. Mothers need to feel seen, heard, and loved and most often just want to spend one-on-one time with their children. It’s easier than you think to check off these boxes.

How To Make Your Mom Feel Special

How To Make Mom Feel Special – 20 Easy Ideas For Kids

How can you make mom feel special? Spend quality time together, draw her a special photo, make her breakfast, take care of your chores without being asked twice, treat her with respect, or go out for a quiet walk when the weather warrants.

These ideas and many more will bring so much joy to your mother’s heart! Consider these suggestions for Mother’s Day as gift ideas or for absolutely no reason at all because mom should feel special all year round.

make moms cheerful

There are so many things to do for your mom to make her happy. Here’s a list of 20 ideas to get you started.

Listen To Her

Sometimes it’s hard for a parents to constantly have to repeat themselves over and over again. Maybe for one day, promise to do whatever you are asked – the first time and without question. It would remove a ton of stress.

clean the house for mom

Clean The House

Every parent spends a good amount of time tidying up their homes on a regular basis. In fact, it’s amazing how often I find myself in the kitchen redoing the same exact work. What a great idea for kids to pick up this chore for their mom.

Spend Quality Time Together

Mothers want something more than anything else in the whole entire world. They want to be with their children. For this holiday, or any other special moment in their lives, be sure to carve out a full day of one-on-one time with the special woman in your life.

draw mom a present

Draw Her Something Special

A free, fun, and beautiful gesture that anyone could do revolves around art and creative expression. If you are in need of some drawing ideas, check out these tutorials:

Make Her Breakfast

I don’t have to tell you that parents cook all the meals in the house… because they do. If the children are old enough, consider taking over a meal (or two) and treat her to her favorite dish.

make mom happy

Let Her Have A Full Night’s Rest

Sleep is magical but only when you have enough of it. For about 20 years, most moms live out their days stressed and exhausted. Full stop. If you want to treat your parents to a real treat, let them either have a solid nap or an early night-in.

Ask Her About Her Past

Do you know everything there is to know about mom? The answer is no. Take some time to sit down and get to know the woman behind the title. Her stories might surprise you.

hiking with parent

Go Out For A Walk Together

Spending time together doesn’t require any money – never forget that. A beautiful walk outdoors is the perfect way to make mom happy. Not only will you get some fresh air and sunshine, but the quiet will offer up plenty of opportunity to bond.

No Electronics

Kids spend too much time on electronics and not enough time time making eye contact with family members. Truth be told, adults have the same issue. What about having a full day unplugged? If you are looking for ways to make mom feel special, this will work.

Tell Her You Love Her

It’s three simple words and they don’t need any explanation. Tell your mother that you love her and do it often.

do the laundry

Do The Laundry

The laundry piles that just seem to appear every few days can feel overwhelming and an easy way to make mom feel better is to surprise her by taking over washing duty. Just make sure that you are old enough to operate machinery and use detergent. If not, ask for the help of another adult.

Write Her A Personal Letter

Are there things that you’ve always wanted to say to your mother before, but never got around to expressing them? Today is as good of a day as any. I have a feeling that your mother will keep your written words forever. I know I would.

Have A Game Night

Game nights are the best! If you have board games in your basement, bring them up and spend the evening laughing the night away with your parents.

flowers for your mother

Bring Her Flowers

Flowers can both brighten someone’s mood and the feeling of a room when you walk in. There is just something about their ability to change the energy of the space they are in. Out of this entire list, this suggestion is the only one that requires money, though if you have flowers in your backyard, you can pick them for free.

Ask Her What She Needs

This is also another really easy thing to do for your mama. What does she need help with? What has been on her to-do list for way too long? Can you help? If so, get to it!

love you notes

Leave Her Special Notes Everywhere

Another free way to show mom that you care is to leave special notes around the house for her to find at her leisure. Tell her that you love her with a verbal scavenger hunt.

Rearrange Her Tupperware

There are so many different ways to show your mom you love her and believe me when I tell you that fixing her Tupperware cabinet is ONE OF THEM. Organize her pantry, clean out her closet, fix her shoes – you name it! Just seriously, take a look at what she’s been avoiding and tackle it for her.

kid chores

Do Your Chores

This is a really easy way to step it up for mom! Mom carries a lot of weight on her shoulders and if you could just pick up your slack, things would run a lot smoother at home.

Make Her Laugh

Kids laugh so much more than adults and that is a scientific fact. Do your parent a favor and bring some giggles back into her life. Get silly! Make it count.

Show Respect

Last but not least, it’s important to show respect at all times to every adult in your life – but especially your parents. They work so hard to do all they can for their children and when there is a lack of respect at home, it hurts.

Moms are special! There are so many different ways to show moms that you care. Hopefully, some of these suggestions work for you.

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