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100 Reasons Why I Love My Mom

Here are 100 reasons why I love my mom. Since we are nearing Mother’s Day, I thought now is the perfect time to surprise her with a post outlining exactly why she means so much to me and my family.

100 Reasons Why I Love My Mom

Why do I love my mom? I love my mom because she has always been there for me through thick and thin. She is caring, selfless, independent, and strong. My mother is a pillar in my life and will do absolutely anything for my children. One of a kind to say the least!

100 Reasons Why I Love My Mom

My mom is the best. In fact, I’m sure that many of the reasons I’ve listed below are thoughts that you’ve had about the nurturing woman in your life. Some of this list is highly specific while other notes are pretty general. Take a look and let me know what you think.

i love my mom
  1. You give me sound advice when I least expect it.
  2. You remind me of what’s ahead.
  3. You love my children unconditionally.
  4. You remind me that we are all just human.
  5. You make me laugh.
  6. You are there for me no matter what.
  7. Through everything that life has thrown at us, it has always been us.
  8. I believe you will never leave me.
  9. You believe in me with all of your heart.
  10. I know you love me unconditionally – and I mean that.
  11. You come to my house and take long naps. That always makes me laugh.
  12. You are stronger than you believe.
  13. You know how to keep a secret.
  14. You have been through so much and it taught me to be stronger for the two of us.
  15. You love to cook, but you also love to go out. I’m here for both of those things.
  16. You are obsessed with strange things and that… made me become obsessed with strange things.
  17. You always told me that I could be better, do better, be anything.
  18. You are always the first person I call when I have good news.
  19. You are always the first person I call when I have bad news.
  20. My friends all get a kick out of you.
  21. You always made me feel special.
  22. You didn’t take the mean things I said to you as a teen to heart.
  23. You never laugh at any of my silly hobbies – even the most off-the-wall ones.
  24. You’ve supported every job I’ve ever had.
  25. “You could look good in a potato sack” has stayed with me.
  26. What we’ve been through has taught me to raise my bar. I wish it wasn’t that way, but it was. My life is better because of it.
  27. You know.
  28. Even if you don’t know, you carry the pain for me.
  29. You aren’t afraid to be blunt with your truths.
  30. One of the reasons why I love my mom is because she is always available for my children.
  31. My mom is up for a good horror movie. In fact, she is the one who introduced me to the genre.
  32. She has forgiven me, even when I might not have deserved it.
  33. You are selfless.
  34. You taught me to believe in myself.
  35. You dried every tear I had when I was younger – still do.
  36. You taught me to be independent.
  37. You always call to check up on me.
  38. You have been through the fire and have been dealt an unfair hand, yet you still show up for my kids.
  39. You are a great cook.
  40. You never pushed me to be anything I couldn’t.
  41. You always showered me with kisses. I was raised to know to do this to my own children.
  42. You taught me to wing it in the kitchen and I love that.
  43. You were my mother and my father for almost all of my life. I know what a burden that was.
  44. You always accepted me – through whatever stage I was going through.
  45. You never asked the tough questions.
  46. You never spoke ill about my father to me even though you could have. As a woman, I will tell you that took strength. I couldn’t have done this.
  47. You never showed me what you were going through when I was younger. As a woman, I will tell you – I know this took it all from you.
  48. Your shield was strong.
  49. I will never understand it all, but maybe it’s because you don’t want me to. And that’s ok. I’m doing that now too.
  50. You taught me to love myself.
  51. Growing up, you knew to give me space when I needed it.
  52. You are my best friend.
  53. You sacrificed so much for me and I can see that as an adult.
  54. You love my children to DEATH.
  55. You would do anything for your grandchildren.
  56. You love my husband to pieces.
  57. You went through a phase where everyone bought you pigs for about ten years. So, our house was basically a pig museum. Now, I can’t look at a porcelain pig without thinking of you.
  58. You made me walk in the Maltese Parade in NYC when I was younger and had me dress up as a peasant girl and I will just never forget that. I was absolutely mortified. Looking back though, it was super cool.
  59. You taught me to get to the airport 2 hours early and there is just no going back.
  60. You respect my husband and my marriage.
  61. You are always present for your grandchildren.
  62. You are our number one cheerleader.
  63. You never helped me with any projects in school. So, I always had the worst projects, but the teachers always gave me decent grades because they knew that I did everything on my own. It basically worked in my favor.
  64. You will always take a photo – whenever we are. No need to worry about documenting the moment.
  65. You raised me to be uber paranoid about serial killers, so my children will always be safe at a store. They aren’t allowed to wander off.
  66. You made me understand that family was more important than anything else.
  67. You taught me about healthy food.
  68. You are a great listener.
  69. “Come home when the lights turn on” was pretty much the slogan of my childhood and I am so happy for it. There was a lot of freedom in those streets and I really found myself amongst my friends. Some great memories were made because you allowed it.
  70. You are amazing at untangling jewelry. Like, how do you do that?
  71. You raised me by yourself.
  72. You tried to get me the brand names when I was younger even though we really couldn’t afford it and I appreciate that. Even those few pieces were everything.
  73. You knocked down the walls of my bedroom when I moved to college and made the room a living room. So, when I came home I had no place to sleep. It wasn’t fun then, but it’s a funny story now to tell people. So, thank you for that.
  74. In the middle of a serious moment? My mom has a song for that! She can relate a song to any situation. Give her a second to find it on YouTube.
  75. She literally will dance on any dance floor to any song.
  76. She eats ribs to the bare bone and it’s borderline embarrassing. But, as an adult – it’s fun to watch now.
  77. Mom will try any style and isn’t afraid to bring back any trend.
  78. I love looking at old photos of my mom in the 70s. She was HAWT.
  79. In my 40s, I am still not allowed to make the main course of Christmas dinner even though I host every single holiday. That’s ok. I think it’s cute.
  80. You’ve had an iPhone for 8 years and still don’t know how to use it.
  81. You are very stylish.
  82. I grew up in a household that always loved to entertain which rubbed off on me.
  83. You forgave me for legally removing my middle name once I was an adult (sorry).
  84. You are truly capable of seeing the silver lining in everything.
  85. If I don’t post on social media for a few hours, you text me and tell me you are going to call the police. That’s funny.
  86. You let me pierce my tongue, dye my hair, get a tattoo. Whatever I wanted. I mean, I would NEVER do that – but that was cool.
  87. You don’t trust the government more than I do… and that is saying a lot.
  88. You love dogs more than people.
  89. Mom will listen to me rant for days on end about people and just let me.
  90. Why I love my mother? She is a firecracker.
  91. Mom used to dress me up in the most ridiculous outfits when I was younger.
  92. You always feel like a young mom to me. I never really think about your age.
  93. You make the best soup when I am sick.
  94. You never blinked an eye when I wanted to start a new hobby as a kid. Every season something new.
  95. You didn’t have much to give … and you gave it all to me. I know now.
  96. You still are buried in the hurt and yet you still show up for everyone. I see you.
  97. You let me go on a two-week trip all around Europe with my friend when I graduated high school. I mean, I would never do that, but that was cool.
  98. You and Nanna always handmade my Halloween costumes. I thought it was so CHEAP when I was growing up, but now I just love the memories of it.
  99. I trust you with all of my heart and soul.
  100. You are an incredible woman.
why i love my mother

As you can see, there are so many reasons why I love my mother. I hope this list reminded you – in some way – why your mom is special to you.

l love you mom.

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