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What To Do When You’re Bored At Home – 100 Ideas

Here are 100 ideas of what to do when you’re bored at home and in desperate need of something to help pass the time. We’ve all been there, right? Whether you are looking for something fun and entertaining or productive and functional, this list has you covered.

What To Do When You're Bored At Home

These ideas will help you stay busy and tackle boredom while at home. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut whenever we have too much time on our hands and so I hope this inspiration puts you in the right frame of mind the next time you aren’t sure what to do with yourself.

What To Do When You’re Bored At Home – 100 Ideas

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  1. Read a book – Currently I’m reading the Zodiac Academy series and OMG. So good.
  2. Play sudoko – here are over 100 puzzles for free
  3. Clean your refrigerator
  4. Go for a walk
  5. Make coffee ice cubes
  6. Learn something new – your choice
  7. Learn how to draw something – I have an insane amount of tutorials on this blog
  8. Start to write a book – I just finished writing my first one. It took me over a year and I still got it done! What an accomplishment.
  9. Tend to your garden. Don’t have one? Then start one!
  10. Plan your next room makeover – create a pin board and round up your favorite inspiration
  11. Create a gratitude list
  12. Clean out a junk drawer
  13. Clean just one room
  14. Get lost in a podcast
  15. Have a photoshoot alone
  16. Update your resume
  17. Watch a murder documentary
  18. Start a TikTok channel
  19. Learn how to make your favorite dessert
  20. Create a budget
  21. Start a DIY project
  22. Start a 1000 piece puzzle
  23. Invite your mother over
  24. Sign up for an online class
  25. Dance until you are exhausted
  26. Create the ultimate to-do list for tomorrow
  27. Create a goals list for the month – here are 100
  28. Watch a movie series – from start to finish
  29. Call up an old friend
  30. Clean all of your tech – especially your phone
  31. Write a short story
  32. Watch a horror movie
  33. Try origami
  34. Organize your shoes
  35. Create an online shop
  36. Learn to do absolutely nothing and be ok with it
  37. Get lost in cat videos on YouTube
  38. Learn a magic trick
  39. Check expiration dates in your spice drawer
  40. Play a board game with your siblings
  41. Buy some plants
  42. Learn how to tye-dye some shirts
  43. Meditate
  44. Order in a massage (there are apps)
  45. Work on your favorite hobby
  46. Find a new hobby
  47. Donate some clothing that no longer fits you
  48. Give yourself a mani/pedi
  49. Practice yoga
  50. Play a video game
  51. Learn how to do a new hairstyle – use YouTube
  52. Start a bullet journal
  53. Lose yourself in an adult coloring book
  54. Download the Libby app and enjoy free library books
  55. Find things to sell online
  56. Practice some self-care
  57. Make homemade bread
  58. Make a custom photobook
  59. Go through your email and unsubscribe from everything
  60. Search for a free museum to visit in your town
  61. Have a picnic in your backyard
  62. Do the laundry
  63. Do a RAK
  64. Make your own slime
  65. Play a card game
  66. Plan a trip to NYC
  67. Plan a trip to Disney
  68. Learn sign language
  69. Update your Spotify list
  70. Take time to stretch
  71. Bake and then decorate a cake – one that is challenging
  72. Meal prep for the week
  73. Rearrange your decor
  74. Clean out your purse
  75. Organize your phone apps
  76. Check all the expiration dates in your pantry
  77. Make yourself coffee – just the way you like it
  78. Facetime an old friend
  79. Teach your dog a new trick
  80. Try to find a tattoo online you’d want to get
  81. Order in your favorite takeout
  82. Research where you can participate in community service
  83. Take a good nap
  84. Make sure you catch the sunset
  85. Work on your taxes
  86. Drink water
  87. Take a virtual tour of some place you want to visit
  88. Digital detox
  89. Write a few thank you cards
  90. Make a smoothie – a healthy one
  91. Enjoy your own wine tasting
  92. Invest in a stock
  93. Declutter your computer
  94. Delete photos from your phone you no longer want
  95. Buy a new planner
  96. Create a family tree
  97. Write a letter to your future self / to your past self
  98. Try out a new resaurant
  99. Make a few doctor appointments
  100. Get dressed up for no reason
bored at home

It’s funny because when you really think about it, there are so many things we can be doing with our day. It’s really about motivation. When I am bored, I tend to turn on Netflix and veg out to a few good horror movies. That is what my security blanket looks like. However, I WISH I was the person that instinctively went towards cleaning out her closet or organizing the apps on her phone.

That’s why I like to read lists like the above – they give me inspiration! Use these ideas and consider this boredom checklist as a guide to help you not fall back to the habits you are trying to avoid.

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