Bad Weather Boredom Buster Ideas

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Don’t let those rainy days get your family down! While springtime can certainly bring about unexpected showers, we never worry about running out of things to do with the kids. Our outdoor plans might get delays, but I always can think of ways to brighten my children’s day.

Boredom Buster

It’s all about having the right frame of mind, staying connected as a family, and making sure you are stocked up with fun games on hand to help keep the kids occupied when we spend lots of time at home together. 

When the winds start to really pick up, New York is notorious for losing power at times, too! So, we can’t ever truly rely on the magic of the iPad. Because of this, we have an arsenal of games and toys in our basement to help keep our children stay engaged and entertained. 

If you find yourself with a house filled with children all looking for something to do, here are a few boredom busters to keep you going.

Boredom Buster Ideas

Kids playing with Kinder Joy

Kinder Joy

Nothing beats watching the kids create their own worlds and play. That’s why I keep Kinder Joy eggs around – to spark those moments of imagination all in a two-in-one treat.

Kinder Joy is a treat like no other with two separately sealed halves – a treat side made of two deliciously creamy layers and a second half containing an exciting mystery toy! 

The delicious treat of Kinder Joy is made of two soft creamy layers – one milk-crème flavored and one cocoa flavored.  Nestled into the creamy layers are two round, chocolate-covered wafer bites that are filled with cocoa cream.  This is all to be eaten with the included spoon!

Kids playing with Kinder Joy

 After a long day of play, there’s nothing like opening up one of their favorite Kinder Joy eggs and seeing what toy is waiting for them. There are so many different ways they can use these toys – as standalone objects or adding them to sets they already own.

Boredom Buster Boredom Buster

When my children find mini-robots or action figures inside a Kinder Joy, they know exactly what to do! It’s all about allowing their imaginations to run wild. Isn’t that what play is all about? It doesn’t matter how old they are because once a story begins to unfold, their minds take them on a fun adventure.

I always love to see my children use a variety of house props to create a stage. If they open up a Kinder Joy and find a mini action figure, will that toy make it to the moon or will it dive deep into the sea?

Is he bound to slay the dragon? Or does he have to climb to the top of the refrigerator to find the magic stone?  Every single day, my three bring me along with them on their quest.  And all it takes is a little Kinder Joy. The perfect boredom buster! 

Boredom Buster

When we are looking for a floor activity that everyone can collaborate on, we turn to oversized puzzles. I have a five-year-old and a twelve-year-old and I find that this activity is something that keeps everyone entertained and engaged.

If the puzzle is a simple one, my two older children tend to spend their efforts helping Caleb do his best. I love watching this kind of interaction between my clan. Boredom buster or not – it’s my favorite thing to do as a mom. 

Boredom Buster

Painting is also something all three of my children love to do, but there are certain rules that need to be in place before we begin.

  • Mats need to be placed on our table before anything begins
  • The children have to promise to be extra careful and to clean up after themselves when they are through
  • No arguing over paint brushes – this is the one time in their lives where I need everything cool, calm, and collect
  • I always have to be present

I know my children have the best intentions in their hearts, but you never know what can happen when paint is involved. I usually just sit between them all and grab a book.

Or I help Caleb if he asks for it! I know that this is something my three ADORE doing. It is probably one of their favorite boredom buster past times.

Boredom Buster

And if you think about it, you always end up with a beautiful piece of art once they are done working on their masterpieces. If you think you’ve run out of room, there is always Grandma or Grandpa! Boredom Buster

We like to pick up simple items for them to color over. I usually find great deals locally in town. Or you could always just give them a piece of paper and allow their imaginations to run wild.

As you can see in one of my above living room shots, I tend to framework once it’s done. It makes me proud to show off my children’s work and I know it gives them a little bump as well. KiKids playing with Kinder Joy

If the paint isn’t your thing, and believe me – I get it, you could always turn to glue and popsicle sticks. We are a huge Minecraft family. So, my children have a true affection for building communities and houses and … well, anything!

For just a few dollars,  you could keep your kids occupied for hours. My three LOVE to create with popsicle sticks. Usually, when they are done, they grab their toys and add them to the mix.

Kids playing with Kinder Joy

Whether we are building, exploring, creating, or imagining …  we are doing it together and that’s the best way to spend a rainy day inside.  

At the heart of the Kinder brand is the commitment to sparking, sharing and celebrating the simple joys of childhood. After all, it’s the simple joys children experience that makes childhood magical. Something we can all agree on. 

Kinder Joy has been around the world since 2001 and is sold in more than 170 countries. Over the past 17 years, billions of eggs have been sold – each providing a little bit of joy to their owners.

How do you fill your house with joy? Do you have any boredom buster ideas that you’d like to share? I would love to hear!  Leave a comment below and let me know. 

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  1. Bridgette wrote:

    It’s been raining like crazy here in New Orleans, so thanks for the ideas! I will have to check out those Kinder Joy eggs. And we definitely second the idea of puzzles for a rainy day!

    Posted 6.19.18
  2. robin rue wrote:

    My kids still have another week of school, but soon they will be out and now I have some ideas of ways to keep them busy on rainy days.

    Posted 6.19.18
  3. Nothing worse than idle kids and bad weather! Crafts build their creativity. Keeping Kinder Joy eggs on hand sounds like a great idea!

    Posted 6.19.18
  4. I have always enjoyed doing puzzles. KinderJoy wasn’t around when I was young but had it been I know I would have enjoyed them too.

    Posted 6.19.18
  5. katrina gehman wrote:

    great ideas. being in WI, we have a lot of bad weather days. I’m saving this for later.

    Posted 6.19.18
  6. Our kids love the Kinder Joy eggs! These are definitely some great bad weather boredom buster ideas! Looks like your kids had a blast!

    Posted 6.20.18
  7. These are really fun ideas for kids! Great ideas to keep them occupied!

    Posted 6.20.18
  8. Kiwi wrote:

    I think bad weather can force kids to be creative and get off their smart devices. Nice ideas everytime I travel international I see these Kinder products!

    Posted 6.21.18

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