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The Best Card Games For Teens – Round-Up For Family Game Night

The best card games for teens are one that are fast-paced, easy to learn, and fun to play. This round-up showcases a wide variety of options for your next family game night specifically focusing on the older child.

Card Games For Teens

What are the best card games for teens? Teens love a challenge. So, games like Spit, Poker, Mafia, and Snap are great options for fast minds. For store-bought games, consider Exploding Kittens, Cards Against Humanity, and Unstable Unicorn.

Today, we will talk about two different variations. Games you can simply play with a deck of cards and games you have to purchase online. There are benefits to both types of activity.

A deck of cards is cheap and offers endless opportunity for fun, but sometimes with teens… they want a little more pizazz. You know your child best. So, take a look and then adjust accordingly.

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How to play: Spit has a few different names. Sometimes people refer to it as either Slam or Speed and is all about getting rid of your cards the fastest. This is a two-player game.


How to play: Poker can be won in a variety of ways but the main objective is to place bets and either have the best hand of the round or trick people into thinking you do. You can have multiple players for poker.


How to play: Mafia, also known as Werewolf, is somewhat of a detective game. The main objective is to kill off civilians. This is a GREAT party game (and actually doesn’t really need cards to happen).


How to Play: When someone turns up a card that matches a card already face up on another player’s pile, the first person to notice the two matched cards calls out “Snap!” and wins both piles. Watch the above video to learn more.

Card Games For Teens You Can Purchase

Looking for more card games for teens but need to amp up the party vibe? I found these SUPER FUN teen card games online – packaged up and ready to roll.

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TeeTurtle Here to Slay Base Game
  • Exploding Kittens – A highly strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian roulette, basically, if you draw an exploding kitten, you lose and you are full of loser sad-sauce.
  • Shady Pets – As players take turns, the game gets more intense because, just like you, everyone is getting closer to solving the mystery pets, yet who is going play the best game, collect the most points and win the game?
  • Not Parent Approved – Inspired by Cards Against Humanity, but 100% family-friendly. Designed to reintroduce a love of family games for a screen-obsessed generation. Attention-grabbing. Easy-to-learn. Quick, simple play.
  • Kids Against Maturity – One game set includes 500 question and answer cards and a handy box to store it all.
unstable unicorn
  • Unstable Unicorns – Unstable Unicorns is a strategic card game that will destroy your friendships…but in a good way.
  • Pandasaurus Games The Mind – Meld minds with your fellow players to play cards in order without talking.
  • TeeTurtle Here to Slay Base Game – Here to slay is a fast-paced, easy to learn game that is perfect for all skill levels, whether you’re just entering the world of role-playing games or honing your masterful skills.
  • What do you meme? (FAMILY) – The hilarious game you know and love, now with all the R-rated content removed for family-friendly fun.
  • What are the Odds? – Voted #1 Word Of Mouth Game every year.

Looking for more things to do with the kids?

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