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Fun Things To Do On A Saturday Night

You can do plenty of fun things on a Saturday night to make the evening memorable.  Sometimes the last thing you want to do is absolutely nothing… and that’s ok. However, if you need a little planning inspiration, here are some entertaining things you can do solo or with friends:

fun things to do on saturday

What are some fun things you can do on a Saturday night? The options include everything from hitting hiking trails, hosting a movie marathon for friends, getting your hands dirty by attempting a creative art project to checking out local events hosted in your neighborhood.

Fun Things To Do On A Saturday Night

Have A Picnic

If the weather is permitting, consider having a picnic in your backyard or at a nearby park. Make sure to pack some snacks and drinks, and don’t forget a blanket to sit on! Some picnic staples include sandwiches, chips, and fruit. You could also bring some cold drinks like lemonade or iced tea.

Get Moving

Go for a walk or bike ride around your neighborhood or town. Explore new areas and take in the sights! Odds are your local town has plenty of things you’ve never seen before.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, consider going for a hike in a nearby state park. Just be sure to dress appropriately and tell someone where you’re going!

Have A Movie Night

Pop some popcorn, make some snacks, and snuggle up with your favorite blanket to watch a movie or two. Consider making a list of tried and true classics or opt for movies you’ve never seen before and hopefully, you’ll snag a few new favorites.

Not sure what to watch? Check out a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu for some great options.

play games with friends on weekends

Play Games

Whether you enjoy board games, video games, or card games, spending some time playing can be a blast. Invite some friends over to play a game or two, or challenge yourself and see how many rounds you can win!

Host A Dinner Party

Invite your closest friends over to share a meal. Make something simple like spaghetti and meatballs, or go all out with a fancy feast. Either way, spending time with great company is what makes the night. Here are some recipes to get you started:

Make some art

Try painting, drawing, or even crafting. You can work on a project solo or set up an art night with friends. If you don’t know where to start, there are plenty of tutorials available online if you check YouTube.

Catch Up On Sleep

If you have a busy week ahead, consider spending your Saturday night catching up on sleep. Turn off the lights early and snuggle up in your warm bed, sleeping soundly until the morning.

host a spa night

Take A Spa Night

Grab some bubble bath, a face mask, and a good book or magazine. Enjoy this relaxing time to yourself, or invite over a friend for some girl talk! Either way, you’ll be feeling refreshed and relaxed by the end of it.

Host a themed party

Whether you go all-out with decorations and food or take it easy with just a few touches, throwing a themed party is always fun. Some great party themes include a masquerade ball, a beach-themed bash, or a movie night featuring your favorite films. Whatever you choose, be sure to have fun and enjoy spending time with friends!

Go out to eat

Trying new restaurants is always a great experience, and you can make it even better by going with friends, laughing, and enjoying each others’ company. Make sure to take some time to relax and recharge so you’re ready for another great week!

Go dancing

Whether you hit up a club or have a dance party in your living room, shaking your stuff to some music is always a good time. Invite some friends over to join in, or go out on the town with a date. No matter how you do it, dancing is sure to put a smile on your face!

local beer festival

Check out local events

There’s always something going on, whether it’s a concert, play, or art show. Get out there and explore! You could even see if there are any festivals or fairs in your area. No matter what you do, be sure to have fun and make the most of your weekend!

Have a relaxing night in

Sometimes the best nights are spent curled up at home with a good book or movie. Make yourself comfortable and take some time to relax. You’ll feel refreshed and recharged by the time you get up on Sunday morning.

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100 Fun Things To Do With Friends On A Saturday Night

Here’s a list of 100 fun things you can consider doing on a Saturday night. Keep in mind that preferences vary, so choose activities that match your interests and those of your friends:

  1. Game Night:
    • Board games, card games, or video games with friends or family.
  2. Movie Marathon:
    • Pick a theme or genre and binge-watch movies.
  3. Karaoke Night:
    • Sing your heart out with friends.
  4. DIY Craft Night:
    • Get creative with some arts and crafts.
  5. Cooking Party:
    • Try cooking a new recipe with friends.
  6. Outdoor Concert:
    • Attend a live music performance.
  7. Visit a Comedy Club:
    • Enjoy a night of laughter.
  8. Escape Room Challenge:
    • Test your problem-solving skills.
  9. Bonfire and S’mores:
    • Have a cozy night around a fire.
  10. Stargazing:
    • Head to a location with minimal light pollution.
  11. Trivia Night:
    • Participate in a local trivia event.
  12. Book Club Gathering:
    • Discuss your latest reads with friends.
  13. Art Gallery Visit:
    • Explore local art exhibits.
  14. Themed Costume Party:
    • Dress up according to a chosen theme.
  15. Picnic in the Park:
    • Pack some food and enjoy the outdoors.
  16. Attend a Sports Game:
    • Cheer for your favorite team.
  17. Indoor Rock Climbing:
    • Challenge yourself with a new activity.
  18. Visit a Museum:
    • Learn something new.
  19. Go-Kart Racing:
    • Experience the thrill of racing.
  20. Wine Tasting:
    • Explore local wineries or host a tasting at home.
  21. Dance Class:
    • Learn a new dance style.
  22. Photography Night:
    • Capture interesting moments.
  23. Live Theater:
    • Attend a play or musical.
  24. Ice Skating:
    • Hit the rink for some winter fun.
  25. Visit a Night Market:
    • Explore local vendors and food stalls.
  26. Paint and Sip:
    • Combine art and wine for a creative night.
  27. Ghost Tour:
    • Explore spooky locations.
  28. Plan a Road Trip:
    • Discover a nearby town or city.
  29. Hot Air Balloon Ride:
    • Experience a unique perspective.
  30. Potluck Dinner:
    • Share a meal with friends.
  31. Volunteer Together:
    • Give back to the community.
  32. Geocaching:
    • Go on a treasure hunt using GPS.
  33. Bike Ride:
    • Explore your city on two wheels.
  34. Mini Golf:
    • Have a friendly competition.
  35. Visit a Jazz Club:
    • Enjoy live jazz music.
  36. Board Game Café:
    • Play board games at a local café.
  37. Dinner and a Movie:
    • Classic, but always enjoyable.
  38. Plan a Scavenger Hunt:
    • Create a list of clues for friends.
  39. Outdoor Yoga:
    • Practice yoga in a park.
  40. Try a New Restaurant:
    • Explore different cuisines.
  41. Go to a Karate Class:
    • Learn self-defense techniques.
  42. Visit an Amusement Park:
    • Enjoy rides and attractions.
  43. Attend a Comedy Improv Show:
    • Experience on-the-spot humor.
  44. Go Horseback Riding:
    • Enjoy the outdoors on horseback.
  45. Visit a Planetarium:
    • Learn about the cosmos.
  46. Host a Poker Night:
    • Test your card skills.
  47. Play Laser Tag:
    • Engage in some friendly competition.
  48. Attend a Poetry Slam:
    • Experience spoken word performances.
  49. Visit a Rooftop Bar:
    • Enjoy the city lights with a drink.
  50. Zip Lining:
    • Experience an adrenaline rush.
  51. Attend a Film Festival:
    • Explore independent films.
  52. Take a Cooking Class:
    • Learn new culinary skills.
  53. Plan a Beach Bonfire:
    • If near the coast, enjoy a beach night.
  54. Visit a Historical Site:
    • Explore the past.
  55. Salsa Dancing Night:
    • Learn some spicy dance moves.
  56. Attend a Poetry Reading:
    • Enjoy the art of spoken word.
  57. Play Virtual Reality Games:
    • Experience a new dimension of gaming.
  58. Take a Brewery Tour:
    • Sample local beers.
  59. Go to a Karate Class:
    • Learn self-defense techniques.
  60. Outdoor Painting:
    • Grab some easels and paint outdoors.
  61. Visit a Zoo or Aquarium:
    • Spend time with animals.
  62. Try Indoor Skydiving:
    • Experience the sensation of freefall.
  63. DIY Spa Night:
    • Pamper yourself with homemade spa treatments.
  64. Attend a Silent Disco:
    • Dance to music with wireless headphones.
  65. Rent a Cabin:
    • Have a cozy night in nature.
  66. Visit a Farm:
    • Enjoy a day at a local farm.
  67. Plan a Picnic:
    • Pack your favorite snacks and relax.
  68. Go Camping:
    • Enjoy the great outdoors.
  69. Visit a Botanical Garden:
    • Surround yourself with nature.
  70. Host a Comedy Roast:
    • Good-natured fun with friends.
  71. Play Frisbee Golf:
    • Combine frisbee and golf in a park.
  72. Host a Wine and Cheese Night:
    • Explore different pairings.
  73. Try Indoor Trampolining:
    • Jump and have a blast.
  74. Attend a Dance Party:
    • Find a local event and dance the night away.
  75. Plan a Game of Paintball:
    • Engage in some friendly competition.
  76. Take a Helicopter Tour:
    • See your city from a new perspective.
  77. Go Fruit Picking:
    • Visit a local orchard.
  78. Host a Movie Screening:
    • Share your favorite films with friends.
  79. Visit a Farmers’ Market:
    • Explore local produce and crafts.
  80. Try Archery:
    • Test your precision and focus.
  81. Visit a Wildlife Sanctuary:
    • Connect with nature and wildlife.
  82. Host a Bonfire and Storytelling Night:
    • Share stories around a fire.
  83. Attend a Dance Workshop:
    • Learn a new dance style.
  84. Host a Game Show Night:
    • Create your own game show.
  85. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride:
    • Soar above the landscape.
  86. Host a Movie Trivia Night:
    • Test your film knowledge.
  87. Go Indoor Skiing or Snowboarding:
    • Experience winter sports indoors.
  88. Host a Potluck Dinner:
    • Share a meal with friends.
  89. Visit a Haunted House:
    • Get into the Halloween spirit.
  90. Try Indoor Go-Kart Racing:
    • Experience the thrill of speed.
  91. Visit a Famous Landmark:
    • Explore iconic sites in your area.
  92. Host a Puzzle Night:
  93. Try Virtual Reality Escape Rooms:
    • Combine technology and adventure.
  94. Host a DIY Pizza Night:
    • Make personalized pizzas.
  95. Go to a Poetry Open Mic Night:
    • Share or listen to poetry.
  96. Visit a Trampoline Park:
    • Bounce around for some fun.
  97. Host a Board Game Tournament:
    • Compete in various games.
  98. Try Indoor Mini Golf:
    • Navigate through creative courses.
  99. Attend a Drum Circle:
    • Experience the rhythm of percussion.
  100. Go to a Roller Skating Rink:
    • Enjoy a night of roller skating.

Remember to consider your preferences, the preferences of those you’ll be spending time with, and the local opportunities and resources available.

How can I make my Saturday night memorable with friends?

Creating a memorable Saturday night with friends involves a combination of thoughtful planning, engaging activities, and a positive atmosphere. Here are some ideas to make your Saturday night memorable:

  1. Theme Night:
    • Choose a theme for the night, such as a costume party, 80s retro night, or a beach party. Coordinate decorations, music, and activities around the chosen theme.
  2. Outdoor Movie Night:
    • Set up a projector and screen in your backyard or a local park. Create a cozy outdoor movie-watching space with blankets, pillows, and snacks.
  3. Progressive Dinner:
    • Plan a progressive dinner where each friend hosts a different course at their home. Start with appetizers at one place, move to another for the main course, and end the night with dessert at another friend’s house.
  4. DIY Pizza Night:
    • Provide a variety of pizza toppings and let everyone create their own pizzas. It’s a fun and interactive way to enjoy a meal together.
  5. Escape Room at Home:
    • Set up an escape room experience in your home. Create puzzles, challenges, and clues for your friends to solve. It’s a great way to foster teamwork and creativity.
  6. Karaoke Party:
    • Host a karaoke night with a wide selection of songs. Encourage everyone to participate, and you’ll have a night filled with laughter and great music.
  7. Memory Lane Night:
    • Share old photos, watch home videos, or reminisce about past experiences. It’s a nostalgic way to strengthen bonds and create new memories.
  8. Outdoor Adventure:
    • Plan an outdoor activity like hiking, camping, or a beach bonfire. Enjoying nature together can create lasting memories.
  9. Game Night Extravaganza:
    • Arrange various games like board games, card games, and party games. Set up different stations for each game and let everyone rotate throughout the night.
  10. Potluck Dinner:
    • Have a potluck-style dinner where each friend brings a dish to share. It adds variety to the menu and allows everyone to contribute.
  11. Photo Scavenger Hunt:
    • Create a list of items or scenarios to capture in photos. Split into teams and compete to see who can complete the scavenger hunt first.
  12. Themed Costume Party:
    • Pick a theme for the night and have everyone come dressed accordingly. It could be a decade-themed party, a favorite movie character night, or anything else creative.
  13. Live Entertainment:
    • Attend a live performance, such as a comedy show, concert, or theater production. Live entertainment can be a unique and memorable experience.
  14. Cooking Class at Home:
    • Hire a chef or designate a friend who is a good cook to lead a cooking class. Learn to make a new dish together and enjoy the delicious results.
  15. Community Event:
    • Check out local events happening in your area, like festivals, markets, or cultural celebrations. Joining a community event can add a special touch to your Saturday night.
  16. Bonfire and Storytelling:
    • Gather around a bonfire and take turns sharing stories. It could be personal anecdotes, funny experiences, or even ghost stories for a spooky vibe.
  17. DIY Craft Night:
    • Set up a crafting station with various materials and let everyone unleash their creativity. It’s a fantastic way to make personalized keepsakes.
  18. Dance Party:
    • Create a playlist of favorite songs and have a dance party at home. Clear some space, turn up the music, and dance the night away.
  19. Fondue Night:
    • Set up a fondue station with cheese, chocolate, and a variety of dipping items. It’s a tasty and interactive way to enjoy a meal together.
  20. Murder Mystery Dinner:
    • Host a murder mystery dinner party. Assign roles to your friends, provide clues, and see if you can solve the mystery together.

Remember to consider the interests and preferences of your friends when planning the night.

What are some ways to capture memories with friends?

Capturing memories with friends is a wonderful way to preserve and cherish the moments you share together. Here are some creative and meaningful ways to capture and document those memories:

  1. Photo Albums: Create physical photo albums with printed pictures. Organize them by events or chronological order. Add notes or captions to capture the story behind each photo.
  2. Scrapbooking: Make personalized scrapbooks with mementos like ticket stubs, postcards, and handwritten notes. Combine these with photos and decorations for a unique memory keepsake.
  3. Digital Photo Collages: Use online tools or apps to create digital photo collages. Share them on social media or print and frame them for a personalized touch.
  4. Video Diaries: Record video diaries or vlogs during your outings and gatherings. It’s a dynamic way to capture not only visuals but also the emotions and conversations.
  5. Instax or Polaroid Photos: Use instant cameras to capture spontaneous moments. These tangible, instant prints can be shared and collected.
  6. Memory Jar: Keep a memory jar where each friend writes down special moments on small notes. Read them together later for a trip down memory lane.
  7. Create a Shared Online Album: Use online platforms like Google Photos or Dropbox to create shared albums. Everyone can contribute and access the memories anytime.
  8. Customized Snapchat or Instagram Stories: Use social media stories to capture real-time moments. Save these stories as highlights for a quick recap of your shared experiences.
  9. Customized Maps: Create a map with pins or markers indicating places you’ve visited together. It’s a visual representation of your shared adventures.
  10. Voice Recordings: Capture the sounds of your laughter, conversations, or favorite music during your time together. These audio recordings can evoke strong memories.
  11. Friendship Quilts: Create a quilt with each friend contributing a square. Use fabric markers or sew in mementos to represent your friendship.
  12. Customized Playlists: Make playlists for specific events or periods. Whenever you listen to these playlists, you’ll be transported back to those moments.
  13. DIY Polaroid Frame Wall: Display your Polaroid or Instax photos on a dedicated wall, creating a dynamic and evolving gallery of memories.
  14. Create a Blog or Journal: Start a blog or a shared online journal where you document your adventures and share anecdotes.
  15. Friendship Yearbook: Design a friendship yearbook with photos, quotes, and messages from each friend. It’s a sentimental way to document your time together.
  16. Artistic Creations: Create artwork together, whether it’s painting, drawing, or crafting. These creations can serve as visual reminders of your shared creativity.
  17. Record Special Traditions: Document any special traditions or rituals you have with your friends. It could be an annual trip, a unique celebration, or a shared hobby.
  18. Create a Group Chat Archive: Save meaningful messages and conversations in a group chat archive. It’s a digital scrapbook of your ongoing friendship.
  19. Friendship Collage: Make a collage using pictures, quotes, and symbols that represent your friendship. Frame it for a decorative keepsake.
  20. Treasure Box: Each friend contributes a small item or note to a shared treasure box. It could be something that represents a shared memory or an inside joke.

The key is to find a method that resonates with you and your friends, making the process of capturing memories enjoyable and meaningful.

What can a group of introverts do on a Saturday night?

Introverts often enjoy activities that allow for meaningful connections in smaller, more intimate settings. Here are some ideas for a group of introverts to enjoy on a Saturday night:

  1. Board Game Night: Choose strategic or cooperative board games for engaging and low-key interaction.
  2. Book Club Gathering: Discuss a chosen book in a cozy setting. It’s a quiet and intellectually stimulating activity.
  3. Home Movie Marathon: Select a theme or favorite series and have a movie night at home.
  4. Art and Craft Night: Engage in a creative activity like painting, drawing, or crafting. It provides a relaxed environment for self-expression.
  5. Virtual Game Night: Play online multiplayer games together from the comfort of your homes.
  6. Cooking or Baking Party: Choose a recipe and cook or bake together. It’s a hands-on and enjoyable way to spend time together.
  7. Nature Walk or Hike: Enjoy the tranquility of nature with a quiet walk or hike. It allows for meaningful conversation in a serene setting.
  8. Stargazing Night: Head to a location with minimal light pollution and gaze at the stars. Bring blankets and hot beverages for a cozy experience.
  9. Escape Room at Home: Set up an escape room experience at home. It’s a challenging and collaborative activity.
  10. DIY Home Spa Night: Pamper yourselves with homemade face masks, relaxing music, and scented candles.
  11. Board Game Café Visit: Visit a board game café, where you can enjoy various games in a comfortable atmosphere.
  12. Virtual Art Class: Take an online art class together. It’s a creative and low-pressure way to learn something new.
  13. Coffee Shop Hangout: Visit a quiet coffee shop to enjoy good conversation, board games, or reading.
  14. Photography Excursion: Explore a scenic location and capture moments with photography. It allows for creative expression without the need for constant conversation.
  15. Visit a Quiet Museum or Art Gallery: Spend time exploring a museum or art gallery at your own pace. It’s a serene environment for introspection.
  16. Plan a Potluck Dinner: Each person contributes a dish, and you enjoy a quiet meal together at home.
  17. Online Trivia Night: Participate in an online trivia event. It’s a low-key way to engage in some friendly competition.
  18. Journaling or Writing Session: Spend time writing in journals or working on personal writing projects. Share your thoughts and reflections if comfortable.
  19. Bird Watching: Head to a local park and engage in bird watching. It’s a peaceful and nature-centered activity.
  20. Podcast Listening Party: Choose interesting podcasts and listen together. It provides topics for discussion without the need for constant interaction.
  21. Attend a Low-Key Performance: Explore local acoustic performances, poetry readings, or other low-key events.
  22. Visit a Plant Nursery: Explore a plant nursery together. It’s a calming and visually appealing activity.
  23. Host a DIY Pizza Night: Make your own pizzas with various toppings. It’s a fun and customizable dinner option.
  24. Plan a Quiet Beach Bonfire: If near the coast, enjoy a quiet night around a beach bonfire.
  25. Yoga or Meditation Session: Practice yoga or meditation together for a calming and centering experience.

Remember to choose activities that align with the preferences and comfort levels of the group. The goal is to create an environment that allows everyone to enjoy themselves without feeling overwhelmed.

As the sun sets on another bustling Saturday evening, the possibilities for creating lasting memories with loved ones are endless. Whether you’re wrapping up a lively Friday night or looking forward to spending quality time during the weekend, it’s clear that there’s no shortage of fun ways to enjoy oneself. From the laughter-filled aisles of a comedy night to the immersive atmosphere of a theatre performance, the joy of these experiences is often amplified by the sweet price of free admission at venues like your local library.

For those seeking a more intimate setting, a date night exploring the vibrant farmers markets or attending cultural events offers a perfect backdrop to connect with family members or that special someone. And let’s not forget the unique charm of cities like New Orleans and New York City, where weekend plans can transform into explorations of great spots and fun places, such as the serene New York Botanical Garden. These moments don’t have to cost a small fortune to be meaningful; they can become a cherished family tradition or an opportunity to add a little extra, for good measure, to your life.

The laughter shared at live comedy shows, the inspiration drawn from local artists, and the awe experienced at a new exhibit all contribute to the tapestry of our local community.

So whether you’re in Los Angeles enjoying good food and specialty cocktails, exploring a national park, catching the latest TV show, or fostering a shelter dog, remember that these experiences are more than just ways to pass time. They are opportunities to forge unique experiences, engage in creative projects, and participate in special events like a local play, offering endless fun for everyone involved.

In conclusion, as you contemplate your weekend plans, consider stepping out of your routine to discover your city’s endless possibilities. Embrace the chance to spend your free time exploring local theatres, participating in community events, or simply enjoying the company of family and friends. After all, in these moments, we find the best things in life, creating memories that last long beyond just the last weekend.

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