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11 Ways for a Teen to Make $1000

There are so many different ways teenagers can earn a living thanks to social media, side hustles, and after-school jobs. Here are 11 specific ideas your teen can consider to help them earn an additional $1000 that they can put towards specific savings goals.

11 Ways for a Teen to Make $1000

How can a teen earn an extra $1000? They can create an app, start a lemonade stand, shovel during snowstorms, garden for their neighbors, babysit or dog sit, become a YouTuber, or even manage other people’s eBay accounts for them.

These are just some examples of what teenagers can do when they have free time to earn extra income. Your child should focus on services for individuals who can no longer perform the services on their own. Let’s break down what this means as well as some other tech-focused ideas that could also work for their demographic.

create an app

Create an App

Creating an app is easier than you think for the tech-savvy. Once your child gets their app included in either the Android or Apple store, this could become a serious passive income stream for them.

If you have a teen who loves to write code, have them learn this life-long skill and push them into developing an app in line with one of their passions. If they don’t know where to start, have them consider filling a hole for their community? What can they fix using their abilities?

mow the lawn


A really easy way to earn a quick buck is to lend time to neighbors in need. Everyone has gardening work that continuously piles up. Plenty of adults will pay your teen to cut lawns, remove weeds, water, and tend to plants because they don’t have enough energy or time to do it themselves.

shovel snow

Shovel Snow

Similar to gardening, shoveling snow is also a laborious task that neighbors need help with, but this one is seasonal. It requires a bit more muscle, but the truth of the matter is there is a lot of money to be made during the winter. Bonus: shoveling snow is a great workout!  

If your teen is serious about making money, shoveling snow is the way to go. He/she should grab a few friends and just hit the town. They could make several hundred dollars in a snowstorm if they have enough people in their group. In my town, we pay $75 for a snow shovel.



If there is one job that comes to mind when you think about a working teen, it’s babysitting. Perhaps, it’s because babysitters can get $10 an hour or more.

Babysitting is an easy way to get into the money-making world for teens and so a vast majority would consider this their first job. Odds are someone in the neighborhood is looking for a night out without the kids. Word of mouth always helps with this occupation.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s an easy job. It requires responsibility, discipline, love for kids, and readiness to work late and on weekends. If you feel worried about these duties, there are babysitting classes you can enroll your teen into that are usually held at your local libraries.

If babysitting alone sounds too daunting, another option is to consider the role of a “mother’s helper” which is more like an assistant. In my town, you will find helpers at the town pool during the summer or at the beach offering an extra set of eyes on little ones.  

How To Be A Good Babysitter – Advice for Teens

dog walking

Dog Walk / Dog Sit

You don’t really like playing with kids, but dogs have your undying love? Then instead of babysitting, consider walking dogs. It’s a great alternative and less stressful.

All owners love their pets, but they don’t always have time to tend to their needs. Whatever the reason, dog sitting is a great option for teens because everyone loves to spend time with fur babies.

Just like with babysitting, word of mouth is a great way to get this business started. If there is a dog park nearby, you can find clients there, too.

youtube account

YouTube Account

Making YouTube videos isn’t a quick way to earn money and not everyone will be able to monetize their channels to the level that we are discussing, but it is possible. There are plenty of young people making a living online these days. Odds are your children are following quite a few.

The secret to a successful YouTube channel is commitment and dedication. Your child must be in it for the long haul and upload on a regular basis while focusing on one topic or niche. Make sure it is interesting and make sure your child gives him/herself enough time to grow.


Set Up eBay Accounts For Others

I have a basement filled with items I no longer want to own, but I don’t have the time to sell any of it. If only there was someone who would come here and do it for me. Take a percentage – I don’t care!

I’m not alone either. There are millions of Americans suffocating with items that they are dying to get rid of but don’t have the energy to figure out how. Tell your teen to start this business. Here is how it would work:

  • Your teen will pick up the items the customer wants to get rid of. Items will have to be placed in large Tupperware bins.
  • Your teen will set up an eBay account for customers and take all photos, write descriptions, and ship out any sold goods.
  • Your teen will then keep 50% of everything sold. Once a month, they will pay out the rest to the original owner of the items. The percentages are bases on the cost of goods AFTER FEES and SHIPPING.

Umpire or Referee for Local Games

If your teen love sports and they know all the rules of the game, why not consider signing up your child to referee some local games? Check with sports associations, parks, and recreational leagues to see if they need referees or umpires. 

camp counselor

Camp Counselor

Have someone that is 16 years or older? Then consider applying for a camp counselor job. A few places might accept teens under 16, but because the job means mentoring younger kids, planning and executing their activities, there are usually age requirements. 

Not only will your child spend lots of time outdoors with other children, but they will also get paid well while developing communication and leadership skills.



If your child excels in school, there might be a way for them to earn extra income utilizing all that amazing knowledge. Typically, most students struggle with math, science, and english. If your student excels in any of these areas, then he/she will be in luck!

Word of mouth is a great way to get started in this arena, but also consider hanging flyers in your local libraries and supermarkets. Because of the current state of the world, ZOOM tutoring is widely accepted which means taking on multiple clients a day should be a breeze.

lemonade stand

Lemonade Stand

There are a few upfront costs involved with setting up a lemonade stand, but if you consistently host one during the summer, profits will turn. The secret to my family’s lemonade stand is Crystal Lite on sale! So, look out for that! We typically charge $1 a cup and nobody blinks an eye at that.

This is probably the slowest way for a teen to earn $1000, but it will work.

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