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Human Grade Dog Treats – Great Options That Are All Natural

All natural dog treats are household staples for us because our puppy deserves it and more! Human grade dog treats have no preservatives, artificial flavor or colors and are made in the USA. What two brands do we turn to over and over again? Spot Farms and Full Moon.

human grade dog treats

In partnership with Spot Farms and Full Moon

Human Grade Dog Treats – Great Options That Are All Natural

You live and learn. In 2001, my husband and I brought home two little chihuahuas and basically continued to feed them the food that was handed to us on the day of their first checkup. Now that we have our new rescue pup, we understand that the quality of ingredients is important and should never be ignored.

I’ve spent some time researching the best pitbull toys for my furry baby. So, naturally, I did the same thing when it came to his snacks. And BOY did I hit the jackpot with Full Moon and Spot Farms.

Their entire lines are both filled with delicious treats that I guess.. technically.. we could both enjoy! LOL! That’s what defines human grade dog treats.

all natural dog treats

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What Does It Mean To Be Human Grade?

It sounds pretty self-explanatory, but when a product labels itself as human grade, it means that not only are the ingredients of the highest quality, but they also have to meet certain expectations in their processing plant.

So, you should feel good knowing that both Full Moon and Spot Farms products are certified fit for human consumption.

full moon pet treats

All Natural Dog Treats – Great Options

If you are in the market for some great tasting options for your pet, here are some USA grown packages for you to consider.

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Human Grade Dog Treats

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We are HUGE chicken jerky and beef jerky fans! So, it’s no surprise that our pup feels the same way. In fact, we usually use these all natural dog treats in Tucker’s Kong ball.

If you use a Kong ball, just make sure that you stuff it really GOOD. Otherise, they really know how to work everything out pretty quickly. LOL! Between Full Moon Dog Treats and Spot Farms Dog Treats – you will be set.

What human grade dog treats do you have at home? Would love to hear?

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