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Free Printable Dog Walker Log – How To Set A Schedule And Develop A Routine

This dog walker log has changed our lives! The housebreaking tracker helps everyone in the family keep track of whose turn it is to take care of our brand new puppy without any arguments or complications.

Who knew I would be having these many conversations about walking the dog?! Oh my! LOL As you know, we welcomed a rescue into our home a few weeks ago. Tucker was just a little puppy and as cute as can be.

dog walker

We actually recently found out that he was a lot younger than originally thought – by several weeks! So, we truly have a new baby on our hands. Housebreaking, crate training, rule training – oh my!

We are knee-deep in instruction. The biggest hurdle we need to tackle – of course – is housebreaking.

Tucker needs to learn to go to the bathroom outside and we need all hands on deck to teach him. That’s why I created this free printable dog walker log for us to use in order to get all my children involved.

This Dog Walker worksheet will enable us to mark down whose turn it is, what Tucker did while he was on his walk and what time it all happened. As a pet mom, I know it’s all about having a schedule and staying on top of it. Walking the dog is something we all need to stay on top of. Am I right?

Free Printable Dog Walker Log – How To Set A Schedule And Develop A Routine

Free Printable Walking The Dog Log - How To Set A Schedule And Develop A Routine

How To Set A Schedule And Develop A Routine

Tucker isn’t our first furry baby so we aren’t unfamiliar with the concept of walking the dog. He’s our third. We were blessed to have two beautiful chihuahuas named Jack and Jill for 17 years.

But if I’m being honest with you, it’s been a while since we’ve been in that puppy stage! I find myself searching online for tips even though I’ve had dogs for the vast majority of my life.

Puppies require extra love and attention. They require structure and routine. They require a lot of sanity… more than I can provide after dealing with my three kids at times. LOL! 

But seriously, potty training a puppy requires an eagle eye. You just have to watch the clock, watch for clues, and always make sure that your puppy is in your view. It’s not his/her fault in the beginning – they are just learning how to figure out the world. Walking the dog feels like I’m caring for a newborn again.

Don’t let them wander off into a dark corner where you can’t see. Of course, they are going to go to the bathroom in that dark corner! Keep them in your sight – even if it means you have to block off just one room in your house for a while.

How do we do that? We only let Tucker in the living room and a small portion of the hallway for now. We bought an extra tall dog gate for the rest of the hallway which blocks him off from the rest of the house.

This prevents him from accessing areas that he can burrow into and use at his leisure. If I can see him at all times, then I can watch for signs.

What Are Some Signs Your Dog Has To Go To The Bathroom?

  • Extra bites – He can’t just say, “Lady, take me out!” So, dogs will start to nibble and nip to get your attention. He isn’t being mean. It’s the only thing he knows how to do.
  • Whimpering – He’s literally trying so hard to hold it in and he’s starting to freak out.
  • Walking back and forth and in circles near the point of entry – He knows how to get out but he cannot figure out how to exit. Huge sign.

What If My Dog Has An Accident?

If you catch him IN ACTION – having an accident while he is having an accident – you can correct the action with a firm no. Let them know that the house is not a place for that kind of behavior.

If you FIND a present somewhere in the house after the fact – do not correct. They won’t be able to associate. No, they won’t be able to figure it out if you scream extra loud.

Take an extra deep breath and let it go. And by the way, figure out how you should walk him more often until he can work up to holding it longer.

Free Printable Walking The Dog Walker Log 

Free Printable Walking The Dog Log - How To Set A Schedule And Develop A Routine

Ok, let’s get right to the walking the dog walker schedule printable now! This is such an easy way for the entire family to get involved. I am most concerned with the FIRST and LAST walk of the day.

Those are the ones that are the hardest to fill. During the day, the kids like to go outside with the dog. It’s fun. They show off Tucker to their friends.

It’s a way to get some fresh air. BUT at 6:50AM and at 9:00PM – nobody wants any part of him. Hey, I”m just being honest with you. This is the TRUTH.

So, we had to create a chore chart of sorts. We had to set up rules for the week and that’s where this Dog Walking Log comes into play. Everybody gets a day where they are responsible for both MORNING and NIGHT walks.

The first and the last. The middle can be discussed, but the FIRST AND THE LAST are nonnegotiables. They have to get the dog out before a certain time to make sure he is good. It’s still a fight, but this dog walking log sheet WORKS.

That’s why we designate days out to our children to be dog walkers. 

We set it up ahead of time so there will be no arguing before school. The kids know who has to get up a bit earlier each day and they just deal with it.

I don’t want to hear about who picked up the most poop while on their walk. I don’t want to hear about martyrs and heroes.

If it’s your day then it’s your day. PERIOD. And honestly, don’t come back inside if nothing happened. If “nothing” happened, then you are going to have to go back out.

The nothing box on my Dog Walker Schedule Worksheet is like a trick. There should be NO “nothing” boxes ticked anywhere. That dog should always release something during the first and last walks. ALWAYS!

dog walking schedule

Download Your Free Walking The Dog Log

Click here to access your copy of the walking the dog log. Download it to your desktop and enjoy.

Family Dog Walking Schedule Tracker Free Printable

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