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eBay Partner Network – My First Month Of Earnings

Despite taking 10 days off to go to Spain, I managed to make some quick and easy money on the side with the eBay Partner Network. As you know, I started selling on eBay this summer and have been tracking my earnings for you so that you can consider possibly adding reselling as a side hustle for your family. Selling on eBay is pretty easy.

eBay Partner Network - My First Month Of Earnings

Truth be told, I’ve had a few issues with electronics – people submitting false claims and then eBay backing the buyer – but overall I’m very pleased with my time spent on the platform.

eBay Partner Network – My First Month Of Earnings

Audrey and I chronicle our diaries over on YouTube – in case you ever wanted to check it out. Anything we learn and everything we are selling gets popped up over there. And in case you haven’t seen my store yet, check out Boutique So Chic.

WOO HOO – shameless plug!

By the way, that link that is an affiliate link and is part of the eBay Partner Network! Basically, you get affiliate money based off of whatever someone buys for 24 hours after clicking your link. That means that you could be linking to your own store or you could link to anything else that you find online that you like. Let’s take a look at the sales that came through because of my links on the web:

eBay Partner Network - My First Month Of Earnings

For the month of July, my affiliate links accounted for $1400 in sales. That means that people purchased $1400 worth of goods 24 hours after clicking one of my affiliate links. Where are these links? On social media, on YouTube, in blog posts. Wherever I can put them.

Vera Sweeney twitter

Looks something like this. I usually link to my store because it’s a bit like double dipping, but if you don’t have a store that is active, you could always link to something else that you like. A link is a link. It doesn’t matter!

In the end, during my first full month trying out the eBay Partner Network, I earned $137. I know people on YouTube who take in more like $4K a month because they have a big following and are using that platform to help spread the word.

It’s worth taking a look into. I feel like by December, I will be able to really boost this number up! Might as well try to get yours going before the holidays start to kick in.

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