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The Best Snuffle Mat For Dogs – Dog Treat Hiding Mat

A dog treat hiding mat will give your pet lots to do all while occupying their minds. It acts almost like a puzzle – keeping them completely engaged and happy.

best snuffle mat for dogs

My two-year-old rescue is a big boy. At over 50 pounds, this half pitbull mix is always looking for a little fun and excitement. That’s why when I found this dog play mat, I knew I had to bring one home for my furry baby. Luckily I found one on Amazon and it arrived in two days. Bliss!

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What is a snuffle mat for dogs?

Instead of just offering treats to your dog from your hand, the best snuffle mat for dogs makes them work a bit to find their reward. Consider that most dogs are hunters, sniffers, and love to forage for goods, this engaging activity just might be part of the reward itself! Dogs instinctually… like to look for things!

A snuffle mat for dogs allows you to break up treats and hide them in nooks and crannies making it feel just like a game for your pet. They have to do a bit of work in order to eat.

dog treat hiding mat

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I personally decided to buy the AWOOF Snuffle Mat from Amazon and really loved the style and design. It almost looks like a cabbage patch which truly differentiates it from anything else I had in my house.

There are a variety of foraging mats for dogs to choose from, but I found that most resembled rugs – which made me nervous. I didn’t want to confuse my animal. I wanted him to understand that when I put my dog treat mat down, it was for one purpose.

foraging mat for pets

Are snuffle mats good for dogs?

A snuffle mat is good for dogs because it allows them to exercise their minds and keep them engaged and entertained. It also can help a super fast eater learn to slow down a bit.

You don’t necessarily have to put treats in one of these mats. If you have a pup that devours their meals in record time, you might want to sprinkle their dinner all throughout the mat and teach them to take their meals at a much slower pace. Lots of options to consider.

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Are snuffle mats safe?

You should always supervise your dog while they are using any toy that can be ripped apart. The safest thing to do with these dog treat mats is to put them away as soon as they are finished scanning for food.

If you leave these mats out, your pup might think it’s a play toy and begin to rip the tiny felt pieces off – one at a time. Don’t confuse your pet.

This is a treat mat, nothing else. It is your responsibility to put it away once all treats are found.

dog treat mat

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Can I make one on my own?

The truth of the matter is – yes! You can absolutely make one of these brain games for dogs on your own. All you have to do is purchase a rubber sink mat and tie a few dozen fleece strips all around it and through the holes.

It’s all about creating hiding locations – places for your dog to dig his nose into and search for treats or kibble. Personally, I took the easy way out and just bought a premade dog treat pad. No complaints here!

Teach Your Dog A New Trick

You can actually use this brain game for dogs and teach your pet a new word. Think about “Find It” or “Hunt Now”. You could even choose something like, “Where Is It?”

Before placing the mat down, you could trigger the command and get them to understand what you expect. Then, continue these hunt games in your backyard once the concept is completely understood.

dog snuffle mat

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Did your animal have a particularly fantastic day? Perhaps this mat is exactly how you will reward him/her?

Honestly, as a dog lover, I can tell you that I really enjoy watching my Tucker working through and sniff his way around to find treats. I know he is having a great time and that means the world to me.

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