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Making A Full Time Income Reselling Online Using eBay And Amazon FBA @ebay

Reselling Online

Reselling online can be lucrative and not as big of a time sink as you think. As you know, I’ve started selling on eBay and have decided to try to make it an official stream of income for my household. If you want to check out my store, be sure to do so today! It’s called Boutique So Chic. Many moons ago, I used to sell handmade jewelry on eBay and decided to stick with my original store name. It’s still fitting considering I sell mostly clothes for men and women.

I don’t have THAT many hours to dedicate to reselling because I am a mom of three who has a full-time job. However, with proper planning and commitment, I found that I could still bring in a few

Reselling Online
Reselling Online

Just so you see that I am telling the truth — here’s a look at my seller’s dashboard. I haven’t completed two full months yet and in my first two weeks, I’ve already sold over $2300 in goods. The vast majority of this number is profit. I am selling things I have around my house and thrifting for used items on the weekends. 

Reselling Online is Totally Dobable

The results have been very promising. I didn’t think it was possible, but every day I sell a few items from my inventory and I am having so much fun doing it! If I come across new goods, I ship it out to Amazon FBA – that’s what the oversized boxes are in the photo above. But my heart is with eBay.

I’ve been documenting my process over on YouTube if you want to take a look. Every lesson I learn gets a video! Click here to subscribe to our resellers channel for more information about how you can get started as well.

Be sure to check out my eBay store and then consider listing your first items to give the whole reselling platform a chance. You never know what something’s worth until you ask for a few bids!

Do I believe I can make a full-time income on eBay just by reselling things I find around town at garage sales and in thrift stores? The answer is yes and I believe it will be happening by the end of the year. After just 5-6 weeks, I feel completely comfortable in my reselling online process. Now, it’s about increasing my inventory and scaling out! Join me!! 🙂

Hannah @Sunshine and Spoons

Wednesday 26th of July 2017

I used to do this, but got busy and stopped. It might be time to start working on it again!

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