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My Family Of Five

My Family of Five

I’ve been slowing down a lot this year. Actually – I didn’t realize how MUCH I slowed down until I noticed that I HAVEN’T hit GOLD yet with Delta.

We are in JULY, folks!

I currently have Platinum status from last year – but it is pretty clear that I will not keep up with that status rank much longer. I pulled away from the majority of work trips and BOY are my points suffering.  Feels so WILD because I am points obsessed.  But guess what? I’m so thankful for the shift. Being home with my kids and with my husband has really helped slow everything down. I’ve recommitted myself to the home and am finding alternative ways to make the money I am losing by turning down work that requires me to leave for days on end.

We all know that I’ve been selling on eBay like crazy. It’s going great! I’m also working on some side projects with Audrey. Can’t wait to tell you more about those. In the end, 2017 was all about diversifying and changing my work habits. 2016 was my best year ever. Financially, I never brought home more for my family – but it came at a price. My sanity! AND time with my family of five!

Part of owning a business means that you can set your own pace and I decided that in 2017, I wanted to focus more on my kids’ education and my health. That’s more important to me than breaking hustle records from the year before. I have to live for another 60 years! I don’t need to have a heart attack chasing the almighty dollar!  Not worth it.

So, for now, I am enjoying my days and nights surrounded by my beautiful family of five. You might have noticed the content on Lady and the Blog has seriously slowed down. It’s temporary – and just for the summer. Their schedules are completely sporadic. I will return to my regularly scheduled programming in September – promise.

Also, turning 40 in a few months is helping me realize that time waits for no one. I don’t want to look back and realize my priorities were focused on the wrong things.  There’s no way to correct those kinds of mistakes.


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