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New YouTube Gear: What I Bought To Help Grow My YouTube Channel

I posted a video this morning about some of the new YouTube gear and equipment I picked up and I wanted to let you know about some of my favorite finds. As you know, my two children are also big into YouTube. One wants to be a baker and the other wants to be a gamer. So, I had to do a little shopping to get us all set up to make the process a bit easier.

I’m always trying to improve my YouTube channel. Even though my account is over 10 years old, I really started taking YouTube seriously about 6 months ago. And you know what? It’s been such a fun journey!! With anything that you do, I reached a point where I felt I needed some assistance. I needed tools to help me create a better viewing experience for my viewers. Perfect example – I love to cook!!! But my cooking videos stink because I don’t have the right angles. If I did, I would make so many more cooking videos because I NATURALLY COOK ALMOST EVERY DAY. I could literally just film my dinners and have a ton of content!! You know what stops me? The fact that I have to bother my husband or daughter to film me. I don’t like to make my family feel like we are working in the evening. And getting my husband off the couch to come up to film me is not something I’d prefer to do. So, I figured it out. As we all do when we believe in something enough.

New YouTube Gear: What I Bought To Help Grow My YouTube Channel

Take a look at WHY I bought each of these things by watching the above video. Here are the links should you want more information on these products:

Join The Journey!

I would love for you to follow along with my video adventures! Click here to check out my YouTube channel!  I feel like a lot has changed since my very first vlog in 2008! LOL!


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