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Wish Haul: Cheap Products Video Unboxing

I’m having a little fun today showcasing a Wish Haul filled with products that I purchased online. Have you heard of Wish before? It’s basically a website filled with random items that have low price points. You aren’t getting top of the line quality, folks!! Know that from the very beginning. But it is sort […]

What Your Wife Really Wants On Mother's Day

What Your Wife Really Wants On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a few weeks away and I know that everyone has started planning out their purchases. I wanted to give the men that read this blog a few tips before they start heading to the mall. Do you want to know what your wife wants for Mother’s Day? I mean what she REALLY […]

YouTube Tips And Tricks

YouTube Tips And Tricks For 2018

I made a video a few weeks ago offering up some YouTube tips and tricks and since then I have learned quite a few things. I thought it would help everyone if I shot a second video highlighting some of the new ideas that I came across. There truly is a wealth of information that […]