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10 Things To Do On New Year’s Day

Looking for ways to jumpstart the New Year off in the right direction? If you are someone who likes to have a plan in place, here are ten things to do on New Year’s Day that will ensure you head into 2021 with the best intentions.

What are things you can do on New Year’s Day? You can work on your resolutions list, host a brunch, reconnect with old friends, and shop the sales.

things to do on new years day

But that’s not all that should fill up your day! There are plenty of ideas just waiting for you to explore. In fact, I have ten for you to consider.

10 Things To Do On New Year’s Day

The holiday season can be stressful with all the merriment, cooking, and hosting involved. It’s very tempting to want to spend New Year’s Day lying on the couch in your PJs, doing absolutely nothing. After all of that holiday stress, no one can really blame you for wanting to do nothing on New Year’s Day.

However, you should consider ushering in the New Year with a healthier, more positive attitude. It doesn’t matter what you choose, it’s a new year with infinite opportunities for a new beginning. Happy New Year!

Make resolutions

new year resolutions

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to come up with a list of resolutions. That is, things you want to achieve in your life, professionally and personally. Some of the most common resolutions revolve around:

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Host a New Year’s brunch

On New Year’s Day, invite some friends and loved ones over for brunch! Keep it simple. You can make it an open house that way anyone can come and go as they please.

Don’t consider it a fancy event. Remove that expectation from your life! A lot of people stay at home on New Year’s Eve and would actually look forward to a brunch the next day.

brunch food

What type of food do you serve at a brunch?

If you are looking for some recipe suggestions, here are a few that I already have on my blog. I love to post recipes to help busy moms in the kitchen. You can always check out my What to Eat section on the top of every page!

Reconnect with old friends

New Year’s Day is also a good time to reconnect with friends and family you haven’t talked to for a long time. We all have a lot to do, particularly during the holidays. The year coming to an end gives you time to reflect on those who you miss.

Call or email some friends and work colleagues to greet them, share life updates, learn more about what they’ve been up to!

Shop the sales

january 1st

I know a lot of people don’t like shopping, but many retailers hold fantastic winter sales after Christmas. If you don’t want to head out to the stores this year, don’t worry! There are plenty of sales to be had online.

Many businesses offer extra discounts thanks to coupon codes that can only be found online. So, sometimes it pays off to stay home. And don’t forget about the Capital One button! I save all the time with that thing.

Do nothing

This sounds like something I will be working on – absolutely nada! Do nothing on January 1st. Doesn’t that sound marvelous?

Get out of bed anytime you’d like, don’t get out of your pajamas, eat what you want, and order in takeout. You have an entire year ahead of you filled with expectations. Give yourself a day off.

Taking the first day off from the New Year is the perfect way to distress and actually prepare for what is ahead of you. Build your strength because life comes at you fast.

Get organized

make a plan to get organized

Getting organized either sounds absolutely fabulous to you or completely dreadful. It all depends on who you are as a person. No matter who you are, there is a reward waiting for you at the end of that tunnel.

Consider cleaning the entire house and getting yourself organized. Imagine waking up the next day to complete ORDER. Remover the chaos from your life and start a new era with the right energy.

Restock your pantry

It’s not really about losing weight for most people. It’s more about understanding how live a healthier lifestyle. It all begins with what you bring into your home.

Restock your pantry with healthier food choices so when you need a snack, you grab something that is good for your body. Avoiding temptations at home is a great beginning.

Go on a hike

go on a hike

If the weather permits, take a leisurely hike to help get some fresh air. If your New Year resolutions are about becoming healthier, this is a great FIRST STEP. Literally.

Watch some football

Who doesn’t love football?! Me, actually. I don’t – not even a little. But I have a feeling that I am in the minority.

There will be plenty of football games on television for you to watch on January 1st – all day long. Grab your favorite tailgating and party snacks and find a comfy seat on the couch.

Enjoy time with your family

New Year’s Day is also the perfect day to just spend time with your family. No rules, no holiday responsibilities – it could be very lax.

Stay home and play games if you’d like or go out and eat every meal out at a restaurant. Make your own traditions. As long as you are together – that’s all that matters.

NYD comes only once a year which makes a perfect day to start a new tradition or habit. Consider one of the above-listed things to do on New Year’s Day or consider none at all! It’s up to you.

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