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50 Things To Do On Your Birthday

If you are looking for things to do on your birthday, here are over 50 creative ideas to get your day started off on the right foot. It’s always fun to plan how to celebrate this special moment with the people you love.

Things To Do On Your Birthday

What are some things you can do to celebrate your birthday? You can throw a backyard party, have a bubble bath, go bowling, start journaling, or enjoy breakfast in bed.

Looking for a few more creative ideas? Here are over 50 birthday suggestions to kickstart your celebratory planning.

50 Things To Do On Your Birthday

how to celebrate your birthday
  1. Throw a backyard party
  2. Get a manicure
  3. Grab your favorite cup of coffee
  4. Cozy up with your favorite book
  5. Bubble bath
  6. Get glam!
  7. Bake your favorite cake
  8. Go bowling
  9. Go to the movie theater
  10. Head out for a hike
  11. Start a new fitness routine
  12. Start journaling
  13. Breakfast in bed
  14. Movie marathon
  15. Buy yourself flowers
  16. Romantic dinner with the person you love
  17. Weekend getaway
  18. Get a psychic reading
  19. Have a sleepover party
  20. Community service
  21. Have a bonfire
  22. Visit someone you love
  23. See the grandparents
  24. Go on a picnic
  25. Spread the love – treat someone!
  26. Host a virtual birthday party
  27. Redecorate a room
  28. Do a photoshoot
  29. Write a letter to yourself (open it in a few years)
  30. Scrapbook
  31. Create a photobook using the photos on your phone
  32. Splurge and treat yourself
  33. Take a nap
  34. Host a potluck
  35. Visit the zoo
  36. Visit the aquarium
  37. Spend the entire day reading your favorite book
  38. Start a birthday tradition
  39. Hang out with a different group every day of your birthday week
  40. Cake, Cake, Cake
  41. Afternoon tea
  42. Plant a garden
  43. Visit the city
  44. Learn how to draw
  45. Vlog your entire day
  46. Have a staycation
  47. Wine tasting
  48. Arcade
  49. Take a class
  50. Head to the museum
  51. Family game night
what to do on my birthday


I hope you enjoyed this list! These ideas are great for any celebration. You can grab your family members, friends, or head on out on your own to celebrate turning one year older. That’s entirely up to you.

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