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My Christmas Wish List Printable

This Christmas list printable is a great way for family members to write down exactly what they want as gifts for the holidays. Take the guessing out of shopping this year and get the answers right from the source.

How do you use this Christmas wish list? Print out a copy and let your child fill in as many toys as they’d like. Now, you have a pool of options for online shopping.

christmas wish list printable

I usually like to print out one copy of this blank Christmas list for each member of the family – including myself. That way, my husband doesn’t have any issues when he has to head out to the stores.

wish list for presents

Naturally, these are all just suggestions. But it IS nice to know what everyone really wants, right?!

Honestly, this Santa wish list printable has been a lifesaver for YEARS! I hope it helps you and your family out as well.

santa wishlist

Download Your Free Christmas List Here

Click here to download a copy and enjoy getting organized!

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