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Christmas Would You Rather Questions For Kids

These Christmas Would You Rather Questions for Kids are the perfect way to jumpstart any family get together. It’s just so much fun listening to children trying to answer holiday this or that questions! They really think their answers through.

Christmas Would You Rather Questions for Kids

I love to create list of questions to ask kids because I have three of my own and these roundups are a great way to learn new things about each of them in a fun and festive way. Have you checked out 100 Funny Questions To Ask Your Kids, 100 Never Have I Ever Questions For Kids, and 100 Would You Rather Questions For Kids. That last round up is not tied to a particular holiday – all generally based.

But if you are looking for Christmas questions for kids, I have a great list below! In fact, my youngest son helped me come up with a few of these fun holiday questions that I hope you share with your littles.

christmas would you rather kids

Christmas Would You Rather Questions For Kids

  1. Would you rather get one big present or a bunch of small presents?
  2. Would you rather meet Rudolph or meet Jack Frost?
  3. Would you rather spend an entire day just drinking hot chocolate or eating freshly baked cookies?
  4. Would you rather get $1000 to spend on yourself or $1000 to spend on others?
  5. Would you rather spend the day watching your favorite Christmas movies or listening to holiday music?
  6. Would you rather decorate your Christmas tree with all candy canes or strings of popcorn?
  7. Would you rather know what every single gift you are getting actually is or be completely surprised?
  8. Would you rather be an elf working in Santa’s shop or a reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh?
  9. Would you rather only be able to sing words for the whole day or just have the ability to say, “Ho! Ho! Ho!”.
  10. Would you rather live in a gingerbread house or on Candy Cane Lane?
  11. Would you rather have your family over for Christmas or go to someone else’s house?
  12. Would you rather wear ugly matching sweaters for the entire month with your family or not put up any Christmas decorations at all?
  13. Would you rather fill your entire ceiling with tinsel or mistletoe?
  14. Would you rather make snow angels or igloo forts?
  15. Would you rather have a massive snowstorm on Christmas Eve or no snow at all?
  16. Would you rather have a holiday party every night of the month or no holiday parties to attend?
  17. Would you rather wear Santa’s red suit or one of his elves outfits outside with friends?
  18. Would you rather have chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies?
  19. Would you rather have the outside of your house totally decorated and the inside empty or the inside of your house totally decorated and the outside bare?
  20. Would you rather be able to sit down and eat cookies with Santa or spend a whole day at the North Pole with the elves?
  21. Would you rather all the snowmen you build come alive or all the snowballs you throw boomerang back so you can throw them again?
  22. Would you rather have ham for Christmas dinner or turkey for Christmas dinner?
  23. Would you rather grow Santa’s beard or Santa’s belly?
  24. Would you rather ride on Santa’s sleigh or on the real Polar Express?
  25. Would you rather meet The Grinch or be The Grinch?
  26. Would you rather wrap 100 presents or eat 100 cookies?
christmas would you rather

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When To Ask Would You Rather (Christmas Edition) Questions?

You could start off your morning by asking your kids whether or not they’d like to meet The Grinch or BE The Grinch. But don’t just jump onto the very next question. Instead, take a moment and ask your children WHY they answered the way they did.

This will spark additional conversations! Believe me, this list will take you longer to get through than you think.

Right before dinner, while wrapping presents, making Christmas cookies – you name it! Whip out this list and sprinkle a little holiday fun into your day.

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