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Would You Rather Questions For Easter

Here are 20 Would You Rather Questions for Easter that your kids will love to answer. They are all centered around candy, bunnies, chocolate, and laughs. Be sure to gather around for this fun family night activity and get ready to hear what your children say.

would you rather questions easter

As a reminder, it’s not only about the answers that your children give – it’s their WHY as well. So, when your child chooses their selection, be sure to follow up and make sure they drill down and tell you their reasoning. What a great way to get to know your baby just a little bit more.

Would You Rather Questions For Easter

  1. Would you rather meet the Easter Bunny or meet the maker of chocolate?
  2. Would you rather spend an entire day eating jelly beans or eating chocolate?
  3. Would you rather get $1000 to spend Easter eggs or $1000 to spend on Easter clothing?
  4. Would you rather spend the day watching your favorite Easter movies or playing outside in spring weather?
  5. Would you rather decorate your house with spring decor or would you rather string up candy all around the house?
  6. Would you rather know where every single egg is hidden all-around your house or be completely surprised?
  7. Would you rather be a helper working for the Easter Bunny or someone just receiving all the goodies?
  8. Would you rather spend the day planting spring vegetables or cooking spring vegetables?
  9. Would you rather be a spring chick or an adorable bunny?
  10. Would you rather have your family over for Easter or go to someone else’s house?
  11. Would you rather wear your Sunday’s best or dress in casual clothing for the holiday?
  12. Would you eat all your candy in one sitting or have a little bit every day?
  13. Would you rather control the rain during the spring or control how fast the flowers grow?
  14. Would you rather be allergic to all candy or to all chocolate?
  15. Would you rather have magical powers and be able to speak to all spring animals or turn into any spring animal you’d like?
  16. Would you rather have big fluffy bunny ears at night or a big spring chick’s beak?
  17. Would you rather eat only carrots for an entire month or only chocolate?
  18. Would you rather eat Peeps for an entire week or not eat Peeps for an entire year?
  19. Would you rather eat lamb for Easter dinner or ham?
  20. Would you rather receive a live chick or a live bunny as a present on Easter?
easter questions for kids

What do you think of these Easter questions for kids?! Super fun, right? If you are looking for more fun questions to ask the kids, here are a few blog posts that are also available on the blog:

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