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20 Things To Do With Kids This Weekend

There are so many great things to do with kids this weekend that it is almost too hard to choose! This roundup highlights some of our absolute favorite ways to spend time with the family. When trying to fill out a kid’s calendar, it’s important to balance out creativity, fun, and learning.

Things To Do With Kids

Childhood passes us all with the blink of an eye so I wanted to find some creative ideas to help you enjoy some quality time with your family. Whether it’s visiting relatives or pretending you’re a tourist in your own town – as long as your creating memories with your children, that’s all that matters.

Truth be told, you’d be surprised at what you can do with kids this weekend with little to no money. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It just has to be memorable.

20 Things To Do With Kids This Weekend

So, let’s break down my official list of things to do with kids this weekend. Of course, I am sure you have plenty of ideas you’d like to add as well. Use this post as a jump-off point – a foundation if you will! Once you read these kids events, hopefully, they will spark more kids activities ideas of your own.

 things to do with kids this weekend

Head to a Museum – make plans to visit the museum with your kids this weekend and get ready for lots of hands-on fun. There are plenty of children’s museums that will offer up hours of entertaining for your little ones.  Be sure to check schedules ahead of time because some even offer free admission days for school-aged kids.

Cook Something Creative – give everyone in the family a few dollars to grab an ingredient from the market, come home, and then cook a meal based on whatever the family purchased. Bonus if everyone eats it. No, really – everyone has to eat it. That’s the fun part!

family road trip

Weekend Road Trip – sit down and map out a family road trip weekend and pack ALL THE THINGS.  When getting ready for this adventure, make sure that you map out enough rest stops and breaks along the way. After all, it’s about the journey and not the destination, right? Here’s a printable packing list to help get you started.

Be a Tourist – ever wondered what your town or city felt like to a tourist? Well, you can easily find out by heading downtown and pretending to be one yourself! Walk around your hometown and see the sights with a new lens.

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slumber party

Family Slumber Party – gather up the blankets and create a fort in the living room for the entire family to enjoy. If you are looking for things to do with kids, a slumber party in the living room together is IT.

Have a Garage Sale – I know what you are thinking… a garage sale? With kids? That’s the last thing that would be considered activities to do with kids, right? WRONG! The kids LOVE to participate with a yard sale. They are ALL OVER it! Making money, bartering, bagging, talking to people. It is super fun to watch them get involved with the entire process. I promise you – this is absolutely something to add to your free events for kids list! Also, if you need some advice, I have garage sale tips here.

Go Geocaching – get outdoors and enjoy geocaching with the kids this weekend, you can easily download an app to find geocache locations near you.

family events

Visit an Aquarium – find an aquarium that’s within driving distance and pack up the kids to enjoy some aquatic fun. Bonus: most aquariums have extra children’s events scheduled throughout the day.

Play Hide n Seek – have a blast playing hide n seek inside or outside with the kids. So often, we – as parents – get caught up in work that we forget our children want us to play WITH THEM. What would it take for us to stop for a few minutes and do these things for things that they actually WANT.

Have a Dance Competition – pick out some music and dance your little heart out! Not for nothing, this is also a great way to get your exercise in for the day. Not everyone is a gym person. I know that I’m not! When I dance with my kids, I feel like I am doing something good for myself as well. It’s not just about bonding – it’s about a healthy heart.

More Things To Do With Kids This Weekend

family game night

Play Board Games – head to the thrift store to find some old school board games. Get ready for a night filled with laughs, action, and memories! We actually try to do this at least once a week. Family game night is a must. It’s part of our annual family contract (do you do this?).  Here are my best board games for kids top picks.

Visit Grandma – pack up the kids and go spend the day getting spoiled with loads of love from Grandma. Order in, slow down time, hear old stories and relax a bit as you settle into your old family home. Ah, the good ol’ days when not everything was on your shoulders and all you had to do was make you bed.

Play Laser Tag – get outside and all geared up for a family game of laser tag in the backyard, or head to a laser tag center to enjoy some fun with the kids this weekend.

Go Camping – this one requires a bit of legwork, but it’s worth it! Grab your tent and backpacks and head out on a camping weekend. Fill your nights with campfires, s’ mores, and ghost stories. Here’s a good checklist to reference highlighting everything you need.

staycation with kids

Plan a Staycation – sometimes things to do with the kids will lead you to a local inn where you will unplug from the world and just enjoy a quiet swim and room service. We’ve totally done this a dozen times!

Play Mini-Golf – mini golf is always a win in our book and we honestly don’t do it enough. I think that’s because it ends up in complete mayhem because my little guy has way too much energy to just tap the ball. But, hey, this is the stuff to do with kids that will keep them laughing for days!

Smell The Roses – go on a nature walk and try to spot as many different flowers and trees as you can during your time out together. It’s always nice to get out for a bit together. If you’re near a trail, that’s even better!

Collect Seashells – if you’re within driving distance of the ocean, head on out with the kids this weekend and collect some seashells. If you are creative, make some art with those shells. You could consider making a frame or decorate a vase. Display what you make together in your living room for everyone to see.

free events for kids

Have a Cookout – if the weather is nice, then why not plan a family cookout and enjoy whipping up some delicious Pinterest inspired appetizers, meals, and desserts. I am a crazy person on Pinterest. If you want to follow me over there, my account is here. Also I always have recipes on this site to check out. Here is my recipe page for your reference.

 Play Hopscotch – grab some chalk, set up the design, grab a rock, and let the games begin!

These are just 20 things to do with kids this weekend as a means to get out and enjoy some quality time together. There are so many different things to do with kids this weekend, but I’m pretty sure my list is extensive enough to give you a reasonable amount of ideas to get your creative juices flowing – at the very list!

The point is to be together. If you can do that, you’ve already won! Can’t wait to hear what you decide on!

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