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Fun Things To Do With Kids In NYC

There are so many fun things to do with kids in NYC. This amazing city offers a wide range of activities, events, and sights to see. So, gear up, grab a cup of caw-fee, and get ready for an action-packed day filled with adventure.  

 things to do with kids in NYC

If you’re planning on an NYC vacation with the kids or simply looking for some fun things to do with kids in NYC during summer break, then I have the list for you. As a local, I can tell you that your family will absolutely enjoy these activities. 

You could always try to score cheap Broadway tickets – that’s always a win in my book! My children have seen dozens of shows using the tricks outlined in the above post. Truth be told, my husband and I tend to head in for date night as well using discounted tickets. I mean – why not!?

If Broadway isn’t your thing, then I have a few more options for you to consider.  Each location offers something different and special – as only NYC can. 

Things To Do With Kids In NYC

Iron Man

Madame Tussauds

There’s nothing better than walking through a campy wax museum, right? Enjoy getting up close and personal with stars from all over the globe as you visit Madame Tussauds in NYC. There are always new interactive events scheduled – so whenever you visit expect something fresh. 

The fun starts right outside the front door, too. You will always find a free statue or two to pose alongside before handing in your entrance ticket. This always gets my kids geared up for the action before anything even begins! 

Be sure to purchase your tickets online before heading to Times Square. It will save you a bit of time and energy. Also – just a heads up – this museum is located dead smack in the middle of madness! There is so much to do right around this spot. So, once you get out, there will be a TON more to do. 


Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum

The beauty of this museum is that you can enjoy it free on select Fridays from 5 pm to 9 pm. Learn more about history and science with the kids in NYC at Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum. There are guided tours if you’d like or you could just walk around and check out the exhibits on your own. 

Are you into haunted locations? Rumor has it that this one is. I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff and if you do a quick online search, you can dive deep into some crazy talk which I totally enjoy. Bring your EMF meter and tell me all about it. It’s all FLUFF – I hope I’m not scaring you away from the spot. Nothing will happen (during the day WAHHH WAHHHH HAAA HAAA). 

the ride

The Ride

Enjoy an interactive entertainment experience with The Ride NYC. There are a few different entertainment experiences to choose from with this option. So, take your pick. 

From The Tour to The Downtown Experience tour with virtual reality, the children will have a fabulous time experiencing this attraction in NYC.

And it’s so unique! It’s not your typical bus tour – take a look at the above video to see what your view will be while driving around Manhattan. 

gulliver's gate

Gulliver’s Gate

My children absolutely LOVED Gulliver’s Gate in NYC. You can pretty much have a gigantic experience in a miniature world. Take your time exploring 25+ cities and 5 continents through Gulliver’s Gate and don’t worry! When you are ready to eat, you will find plenty of great restaurants surrounding this destination. 

The exhibits include miniature scale models of well-known sites and places from our world, and fictional worlds, connected by train tracks and highways featuring all manners of transportation known to mankind – from horses and elephants to hot air balloons, jet planes and space shuttles. Imaginations unlocked! 

seaglass carousel nyc

SeaGlass Carousel

This beautiful SeaGlass Carousel brings life to art, architecture, and music for kids of all ages. If you are an Instagram fan, bring your phone! This is one of the most beautiful places on the list.

This experience is stunning. The kids will love the ride, but you will love the way it all LOOKS.  There are no center poles like on traditional carousels which makes it truly unique. It’s a must-do with kids in NYC for sure.

Gazillion Bubbles Show

Experience bubbles like no other way possible at the Gazillion Bubbles Show in NYC with kids. This beautiful event can get a bit messy. So, don’t show up in your Sunday best.

Trust me, everyone in your party will love this event – even your grumpy Grandpa. Just know – there will be bubbles everywhere!!! No escaping it.  Please add this to your list of things to do with kids in NYC. Seriously! 

trolls experience nyc

The Trolls Experience

If your kids are a fan of The Trolls then they’ll love this wonderful thing to do with kids in NYC. The Trolls Experience brings you into the world of The Trolls. 

Kids can get dressed up and play along. I have been trying to see this show for AGES and it just hasn’t worked out for me. Hopefully, you can make it. 

New York Disney on Broadway Behind the Magic Experience

Go behind the scenes in Amsterdam Theater to learn more about Disney on Broadway with this Behind the Scenes Magical Experience. With your ticket, you will see what goes on behind the scenes while planning Disney on Broadway events.

This is a great experience for true Disney fans! Personally, I think older children will love this one more than little tots. 


Children’s Museum of the Arts

Visit the exhibits or attend a special event with kids in NYC when you venture to the Children’s Museum of Art. Learn more about art with some hands-on fun. From exhibits to activities for all ages, you’ll surely have a great time spending the afternoon here with your little ones.

trapeze school

Trapeze School New York

Another fun thing to do with kids in NYC is head to Trapeze School New York. Learn the art of trapeze in a traditional circus-like setup –  with an elevated platform more than 20 feet high!

This is a fabulous experience for anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like to do trapeze. Adults and children can both participate. In fact, it’s welcomed. 

Things To Do With Kids In NYC

While I cannot say this is a complete list, I can promise you that I have led you off to a great start. NYC is truly the city that never sleeps! So, if these ideas don’t work for you, there are a million more waiting to be found.

Pop up events, Groupon adventures, traditional favorites – Manhattan has them all. Your children are bound to find something to tickle their fancy.

For example, if you are just looking for a simple day of shopping, why not just check out the new FAO and then hop on the infamous piano found on the second floor! Remember the movie, Big? How could we forget!?  What a treat! 

christmas in nyc

Do the kids want to get a little creative? How about a trip to the Build A Bear Flagship store? If you visit around Christmas, be sure to visit Macy’s and check out Santaland and all the decorated windows! Or better yet, what about the NYC Nutcracker Ballet?! We just loved that show!

If you are looking for something a bit more low key, you MUST look up STOMP! A musical experience you will never forget. 

Or… you could just stroll around Downtown and take in the sights. That’s always a win! Always.  I hope you enjoy some of the recommendations I shared today of things to do with kids in NYC. Your children will love anything you bring them to in the city. There’s something for everyone here. 🙂

In need of some great NYC restaurant recommendations? Visit my friend, Brianne for all the details! 

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