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A Family Trip To See The NYC Nutcracker Ballet

On Sunday, my entire family headed to Lincoln Center to attend the Nutcracker Ballet. I was born in Manhattan, raised in Queens AND HAVE NEVER had a chance to see the NYC ballet before. 

Nutcracker Ballet

Why did I wait so long? This show was simply one of the most beautiful pieces of art in motion that I’ve the pleasure to witness in my life. Hands down. 

A Family Trip To See The NYC Nutcracker Ballet

In case you were thinking about bringing your family to see The Nutcracker Ballet, I wanted to offer you some advice. There are plenty of parking lots available all around Lincoln Center – so fear not! We parked a half block from the show and had many lots to choose from that were all equally priced.

Where To Eat

NYC Ballet Nutcracker

As far as dining is concerned, there are a few great restaurants to choose from all walking distance from Lincoln Center. We opted for Rosa Mexicana – which is actually one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Manhattan. It is SO GOOD.

Get the table-made guacamole before you even order WATER. You won’t be disappointed. If you have more than 5 people, order two of them. LOL! Trust me.

We had about an hour to kill before the Nutcracker Ballet show and the restaurant was kind enough to respect our time restraints. They rushed all our orders so that we wouldn’t miss a beat. .Don’t be shy about letting your host/hostess know about your ticket time. 

Where To Sit
Where to sit in Lincoln Center

There are several levels within the David H. Koch Theater. We chose the second ring – the last row –  because I was really worried about my son, Caleb. I didn’t want him bouncing up and down and making a fuss while people behind us were trying to see the Nutcracker Ballet.

The last row felt like a safety blanket for me. And if you are a mom, I think you understand what I am saying. Well, let me tell you… it was GREAT.

I felt NO PRESSURE whatsoever. I would highly suggest you order similar tickets to mine this if you are thinking about bringing toddlers to the NYC Nutcracker Ballet at Lincoln Center. 

Should I Bring A Toddler To The Nutcracker Ballet?

But if I am being honest with you… don’t bring a toddler. Caleb ended up sleeping the entire show which meant that his $150 ticket was a total waste. Is that mean to say? Yes, it is. I am totally sorry. BUT IT IS TRUE.

Wait a few years to take the little ones to see such an expensive show because they won’t stay away for it. They really won’t! And while you want to do something like the NYC Ballet Nutcracker together as a family – which is what we did – it won’t actually turn out that way. They won’t truly be a part of the adventure. They will be having their own sugarplum dreams. 

family enjoying the NYC Ballet

But we did what we did because my husband and I felt that everyone should experience the NYC Nutcracker Ballet together. And when I say “everyone”… I mean it. Grandma, aunts, and cousins all came!

My mother ended up treating us all to the show for Christmas. How sweet! It was a gift that will keep on giving for years to come. 

Photography During The Nutcracker Ballet

closing scene of the NYC Ballet Nutcracker

You aren’t allowed to take any pictures or videos during the NYC Nutcracker Ballet. Don’t worry – you won’t want to. I snapped this shot right before the final bow. Everyone was doing it during the final moments of the night because the show was truly over at this point.

But while the ballet was going, I didn’t even THINK to try to take a photo because it was just so mesmerizing!! I really did feel like I was in a child’s dream. Each set was so beautiful – one more beautiful than the next.

The music just captivated you – it brought you right in. The children were swaying in their seats. I felt like I was a part of the story at times. And those ballerinas! My goodness – what grace.  
Lincoln Center

In the end, we had such a great time with family and friends attending the New York Ballet – The Nutcracker. If you’d like to make this a mother-daughter day, go for it! While my son Liam did sit through the entire show, I can’t say that he 100% wanted to be there. LOL!

Liam liked the fight scenes with the rats… but I’m not so sure how much more he wanted to see. Football on Sunday or ballerinas at Lincoln Center? Hmmmmm. What would a 9-year-old boy choose?  

I opted to bring him because I wanted to give him a little culture. That’s what living in NYC is all about, right? It’s all about living a well-rounded life and if NYC can’t give you that experience, then I don’t know where would?

friends outside Lincoln Center

 I’m thankful that everyone got to experience this wonderful event together. I know we will be talking about this day for years to come. It’s nice to know that all members of my family will know what my daughter is doing as she tries to dance like the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Have you seen the NYC Nutcracker Ballet yet? Planning on making the trip? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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