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Printable Blank Comic Book Template – Make Your Own Comic Books

My two sons have been printing out multiples of this blank comic book template over and over again and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me! Their imaginations run wild when they sit down to work on their graphic novel and nothing pleases me more as a mom!

blank comic book template

Earlier this week, we had a big discussion about hobbies for kids and I told my littles that they had to choose two. No. More. Fortnite. Well, the boys decided on stop motion animation (am I saying that right?) and comic book creations! I thought those two hobbies were both great picks!

Printable Blank Comic Book Template – Make Your Own Comic Books

blank comic book template

So, I created a few comic strip templates for my artists to use and reuse over and over again. I knew that I didn’t want to have to run out and buy anything if I could avoid it.

make your own comic strip

These printable comic book templates work just fine! With several different styles to print at once, the boys can mix and match as they figure out the order of their dialogue.

printable comic strips

Fostering A Passion Of Reading And Writing

It’s funny because I spend almost all of my day reading and writing, but it wasn’t always that way and I can acknowledge that. Growing up, I hated to read and I wasn’t very fond of school if we are just getting everything out on the table. But poetry was something that I adored. It was my one hook.

For my boys, graphic novels are it. They don’t really like books – no matter what is going on in them. Aliens! Monsters! The end of the world! I will buy them ANYTHING! It always falls flat. However, a graphic novel is always a home run.

printable blank comic book template

So, it makes complete sense that they would want to recreate their own using these printable blank comic book template. So many wonderful ideas swirling around in their heads! Time to get it all down on paper.

comic strip template

Download My Printable Blank Comic Book Template Pack Here

Click here to download the complete template pack. You will receive 6 variations of a comic strip so your children can have fun and truly create an entire book if they have a long enough story in them!

comic strips for kids
make your own comic strip

I hope you enjoy this comic and graphic free printable with speech bubbles for kids!


6 comic book templates for kids

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