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Free Halloween Pumpkin Stencils For Kids

Looking for free Halloween pumpkin stencils for kids? I created a variety of spooky carve-outs that you can use this holiday season to help spruce up your front porch and get your family excited about the big day.

During this time of the year, we typically bake Halloween cookies and make sure we line up a ton of Halloween games for our big party with friends. But what is a celebration without the right decorations?

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skeleton face printable

If you aren’t trying to highlight ghosts, ghouls, and goblins all over your house this time of the year … then you are missing out! It doesn’t have to be horrifically scary. Please remember that!

I know some people like it that way (me), but when it comes to trick or treaters, that just isn’t fair. Young children tend to shy away from this uncomfortable genre – as they should. But we can still incorporate the holiday spirit into our homes while keeping them top of mind.

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spooky face

That’s why these free Halloween pumpkin stencils for kids are age-appropriate and friendly. They all have smiling faces, are completely inviting, and are non-threatening. It doesn’t have to be a spooky Halloween. It just has to be a fun one.

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pumpkin face stencil

Download This Pumpkin Stencil Pack Today

To gain access to every single one of these Halloween pumpkin printouts, be sure to click here and enjoy! You will receive a PDF that has every single one of these cutouts for you to enjoy.

By the way, consider just hanging these printables right on your window for some simple fun. Not everyone likes to deal with the guts from the inside of the pumpkin. Though, if you ask my children – that’s their favorite part!

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bat pumpkin stencil

What About Halloween Dessert Topper Stencils?

Have you thought about using these pumpkin carving stencils in another way? Are you making a pie over the next few weeks and trying to figure out how to transform it into something your little vampires will love?

These printables can also be used as makeshift topper stencils!

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how to carve a pumpkin

What’s Included In Your Packet?

  • Monster Face – Smiling with Teeth
  • Witch on a Broom
  • Black Cat
  • Ghost
  • Traditional Face
  • Bat
  • Goofy Face
  • Ghost with Half Head
  • Skeleton Head
  • Goofy Pumpkin Face with Teeth
carving cut out

Where Do You Display The Carvings?

Place these masterpieces on your front porch or line your entire driveway if you have enough pieces to do so. If you want to give the trick or treaters a real experience, how about lining your walkway? That way they can really get up close and personal with your designs?

carving stencil for halloween
witch pumpkin stencil
traditional scary face pumpkin carving template
carving stencils for kids

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