You’ve Been Booed – Free Printable Halloween Sign For Candy Drops

You’ve been booed! Has this concept taken over your neighborhood yet because it’s the only thing that’s going on every night over here? Our doorbell rings, giggling ensues, and then a huge candy drop happens on our front porch.

You've Been Booed

You’ve Been Booed – Free Printable Halloween Sign For Candy Drops

I created a free printable for you to download in case you wanted to take part in the action! If you haven’t heard about the “You’ve Been Booed” phenomenon yet, let me break it down. 

What Does It Mean To Boo Your Neighbor?

When you BOO your neighbor you are basically surprising them with a secret candy treat. A few years ago, we got booed maybe 2 times a season. Now, it’s one or two times a night! It’s a BIG THING on Long Island.

If you want to bring the idea to your local neighborhood, it’s really easy to do and pretty infectious. Print a few copies of the above Halloween printable. Think about how many neighbors your children will want to surprise. 

Then make little baggies of treats! You don’t have to put a ton in there. Seriously! Just a few small bags of candies for each child in the house. Maybe 2 pieces of candy per child will do. Don’t overdo it. It’s just a really small token of joy.

While assembling, make sure your children help out because that’s part of the fun! Get together and combine your favorite candies together. BUT REMEMBER – leave no sign of who the gift is FROM. NO SIGNATURE WHATSOEVER! NO CLUE – AM I CLEAR ABOUT THIS? 

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Halloween Free Printable

How To Actually BOO

You have to wait until it gets dark. Then, visit your friends’ houses and secretly drop the goods off with the attached above paper letting them know that they’ve been BOOED.

You need the paper because a lot of people don’t know about this concept! I certainly didn’t when I moved to Long Island. When I saw a random bag of candy on my front porch for the first time I thought someone was trying to kill me. But I watch a lot of horror movies… so you have to forgive me.

You will need to let your friend know that the candy isn’t from a complete stranger and that they are actually getting BOOED.

Don’t forget to tell your kids to RUN as soon as they ring the bell and drop the candy. Remind them that they cannot be seen. That’s part of the fun! My children are like SPIES during our BOO dashes. LOL! 

You've Been Booed Free Printable

Tell your little ones to look for trees, bushes, corners, or remind them that they can also try to get back to the car if they can make it. I am telling you, dropping You’ve Been Booed packages has become part of Halloween for us! 

You can try to guess who booed you or you can just eat the candy and not worry about it! That’s up to you! Have you ever heard of this before! I hope you enjoy the free You’ve Been Booed Printable! Share it with your friends. 


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